“Arabia is this, ladies and gentlemen, full of fascination.” The story of “Fiat 128”

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Monday 12 September 2022

Books – Mahmoud Abdel Rahman:

What was in the past a prominent scene in a comedy movie that began with “Arabia, you are full of dazzles”, turned into reality a few days ago, with an advertisement on one of the “Facebook” groups, for selling used cars in Menoufia, after Omar Mohamed published, “Post” showing It has a 1989 Fiat 128 car for sale, at a price of 115 thousand pounds, justifying the high value, which has exceeded its current by more than 300%, in the unique condition, and being the second owner of it since its production.

Specifications and condition of the car, which dates back to more than three decades ago, he specified, saying: “Arabia 128 is new, there is no sister in Egypt, model 89, it was raised from the year it was brought down, and it is still on the ground this year, and its walking distance is only 400 km, a license.” year, I am the second king of its original owner.

He set the selling price, which he described as final and very expensive, at 115 thousand pounds, justifying this; The unique Arabic case; “This is an Arab country that has no kharboush, and it is still in the factory bag, I want someone who is stingy and understanding,” and attached to the publication a number of photos of the car offered for sale.

The used car is a Fiat Model 89, and its price in the used car market does not reach 30 thousand pounds, so what is the story of the car, whose price reaches 120 thousand pounds? Where has it been over the past 3 decades? Is this value worth the money now?

Late last August, Omar’s father, Muhammad Jamal, went to a car showroom in Gharbia Governorate, to buy a “Ma-Trix” brand car, and after trying it he was not enthusiastic about buying it. “He said, this will not benefit you, I want to specify a seducer,” but he insisted on seeing her, “I watched it and saw its possibilities, I liked it, it came to my mind and bought it”, after negotiations with the owner of the exhibition, which ended with reducing the price to 110 thousand pounds.

Weeks later, Muhammad Jamal regretted buying it, “I felt that its price was expensive and that I was in a hurry,” although Arabic is indeed a masterpiece as he describes it, saying: “Arabic is very valuable and I love old things,” but the problem is that using it for months is enough to reduce its price and financial value. For a percentage that may exceed 75%, he says: “I went with advice, and I found her, and she would be slandered by me, and if I took a knock or scratched it, she would lose its value, that’s why I offered it for sale again.”

Muhammad Jamal asked the owner of the exhibition to display it for sale again in the exhibition, “I put it in the exhibition as it is a better place to sell, and I let my son Omar write a post on the groups and pages of car sales,” but what happened was shocking for the father and his son Omar.

Where hundreds interacted with the first post published in the virtual group for selling used cars, which includes more than 42 thousand followers, with mockery and mockery, Muhammad says: “I found an insult and a more generous remedy, and it caused me a state of distress,” where Mustafa Gouda sarcastically commented: “It is forbidden for you to 115. I am with me 128, complete super action with a fingerprint and a student of 160, you are your car to settle 145 to the satisfaction of God.

While Issam Othman wondered, “Oh, man, the words that are sensible, write.. The 128 is originally worn on any road or travel and can not be tolerated.” Anyone who will answer April 2008 the old model is better than the Chinese for 128, so that the owner of the Arabic responds, “I mean, the Chinese who sells it, bears it.” Would you not?”

Muhammad al-Jundi wrote: “What upsets me, it is the year 89, it was followed by Omar Effendi for 450 pounds,” and another sarcastic said: “You want to enter heaven because of people insulting you, by God, you mean,” Omar Muhammad replied, “We condemn you.” Your opinion is good.” While a third mocked: “This is Arabic, ladies and gentlemen, full of fascination.”

While, Karim Muhammad, questioned the age of the Arab, saying: I am a car amateur, and if what you say is true, first the rubber and carburetor are left to be roasted, other than the luggage and the fabric of the chairs. 33 years old and still working, we are so stupid, Omar Muhammad replied: “The luggage is new, the rubber is 89 production, and it is still new, and I walked on 120, and it is as good as the elephant.”

In another way, Amr El-Gamsy mocked: “You forgot the decimal point, you mean 11.5 thousand right.” Muhammad Abu Adam says: “Oh, uncle, this is the Peugeot 405 Model 79, and they forgot it in its factory in France, by God, you will not do this number, not 28, I tell you about something, you are first. With it, because you are the only one on the face of the globe who knows its value. Unfortunately, we do not understand cars like that, nor their condition, of course.”

Yahya Al-Masry, owner of the car showroom, from whom Mohamed Gamal bought the Fiat 128, confirms that the car belongs to Maadi Traffic, and it is actually a Model 89, and owned by a woman named Nahed Gamal, who lives outside Egypt, due to the nature of her work in one of the European countries, but she only used it. A few days ago, and she was not issued a license except last year, saying: “My grocery store has been trying to buy this Arabic for five years and I don’t know,” because the owner of the Arabic language does not exist in Egypt, and when she made a power of attorney for one of her relatives, he was able with this power of attorney to license Arabic, and I bought it from him 3 years ago Months.

This type of car, seen by Yahya Al-Masry, is distinguished and has its customers and it has a good gain. “I knew about it from people who used a car like this that was in its condition and at the same time old.” After displaying Arabic to him in the exhibition, Hajj Muhammad Jamal came and bought it.

Engineer Khaled Saad, Secretary General of the Association of Automobile Manufacturers, believes that the price of the Arab 128, according to the specifications published about it and according to its license and its circulating papers, is considered a distinctive and rare Arab, selling it at the price offered is suitable for it, and not exaggerated, especially in the current period that is witnessing a significant increase in the price of cars .

He explained that this type of old car is repeated from time to time. During the last period, a person offered an old Mercedes, which was “700 kilos of cattle and its grocer had been parked for 10 years and the owner was a traveler.” which she bought from him.

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