Are you afraid of inappropriate online content for your child? The solution is in steps

In light of the great openness provided by the Internet age, parents fear for their children what they may see “online”, or that they will accidentally spend money electronically, but what many do not realize is that this problem can be easily controlled, through “Apple” devices. “.

And “Apple” created a special set of settings, to ease concerns about children accessing inappropriate content, or spending a small fortune in the App Store, so that parents can control their children’s devices, whether “iPhone” or “iPad”, according to the Sky News Arabia report. .

You can set up “time limits” for using certain apps, or “filter” web browsing, as well as purchase restrictions on the App Store.

If a child is lucky enough to own their own Apple device, parents can basically control device usage through their own device, by setting up Family Sharing.

And the “Family Sharing” feature allows up to 6 family members with “Apple” devices to share access to various Apple services, such as the “Apple Music” plan, for example.

And when a child’s account is added to the Family Sharing group by an adult family member, Apple will give caregivers a range of options.

This includes age-appropriate content restrictions, limiting the ability to communicate with others, asking adults for permission to purchase or download anything on their device, scheduling screen-times, and app time limits

To enable Family Sharing, go to the following:



• Set Up Family Sharing

Get Started

If the parents want to restrict or extend the screen time, they can do so by following the following steps:


Screen Time


• Select the child’s name

• Turn On Screen Time

Parents can then choose and adjust downtime, app usage restrictions, and content and privacy pages.

And by clicking on (Use Screen Time Passcode) and following the instructions that appear on the screen, the children write a password chosen by the parents, to avoid the “downtime” of the device, and to continue using it after the specified time.

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