As if she is an angel from heaven with divine beauty… The first public appearance of the wife of (Al-Lambi) after he hid her for a long time from art… And the surprise in the actor’s son that no one knows!

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The Egyptian star and actor, his full name is Mohamed Saad Abdel Hamid Ibrahim, and he was born on December 14, 1968, and he began his artistic career at the age of twenty, and played a small role in the series The Nile Is Still Running.

His real beginning was in 1993, through his role in the movie “The Road to Eilat” with the artist Izzat Al-Alayli and the artist Nabil Al-Halfawi.

The artist, Mohamed Saad, is considered one of the distinguished comedians in Egypt and the Arab world.

– His artwork
After that, Mohamed Saad participated in more than one artistic work, until he had the real opportunity when he starred in the movie “Al-Lambi” with the artist Abla Kamel, and the film achieved great success.

And about the idea of ​​repeating the character of Al-Lambi in a number of films, Mohamed Saad said that the idea came from the late artist Hassan Hosni, and I owe him this credit.

Mohamed Saad presented a large number of distinguished films, such as “Elly Bali Balak”, “Awkal”, and “Boha”.
He also presented a few series, such as “Shams Al-Ansari and Viva Atata”.

The artist’s husband, Mohamed Saad, is from an Egyptian girl, and despite his intentional concealment of his wife and his personal life from the media for many years, a short time ago some photos spread on social networking sites that gathered the artist, Mohamed Saad, with his wife.

The audience was surprised by the beauty of Muhammad Saad’s wife, and the comments came praising her, and that he had the right to keep her away from the media.

Muhammad Saad had three sons from his wife, Karim, Nour and Yassin, and his son Nour is the only one who appeared with him on television, and entered the field of art, and his father participated in the series “Shams Al-Ansari” in 2013.

He presented the character of Shams Al-Ansari in his childhood, and a number of critics and the public praised Nour’s performance in his first appearance in front of the camera.

On the reason for his withdrawal from the play, Mohamed Saad said, “Director Magdy El-Hawary had a dream of presenting a musical theater for two performances, but I am not good at this quality.”

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