Assistant Foreign Minister: Europe will depend mainly on our production of green hydrogen

Ambassador Omar Abu Aish, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and Secretary-General of the Coordinating Secretariat for the Implementation of the Egyptian Partnership Agreement and the European Union, said that the document of priorities between Egypt and the European Union includes many means of cooperation, including energy, where the two parties cooperate in the fields of energy, artificial intelligence, investments, support for the Suez Canal economic zone, and a group of Important vital areas of the Egyptian economy.

On the sidelines of the celebration organized by the European Union, on the European Energy Day, Abu Eish stressed that the Egyptian-European agreement defines the areas of cooperation of interest to both sides, which are in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030, Egypt’s vision for sustainable development and with European concerns..

Ambassador Abu Aish emphasized that the European Union is the largest partner and main supporter in the field of development cooperation, saying that we enjoy multifaceted historical and strategic relations, and our economic, political, social and cultural relationship has greatly contributed to the expansion and strengthening of our bilateral relationship. .

Ambassador Omar Abu Aish said that the recent high-level visits between the two parties and the adoption of partnership priorities 2021/2027, during the ninth meeting of the Partnership Council of the European Union and Egypt, in Luxembourg, pave the way for a new era of cooperation, and the partnership priorities will address common challenges, enhance interests and cooperation and realize untapped potential for relationships.

The ambassador pointed out that the European Energy Day comes 50 days before the holding of the climate conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, which depends to a large extent on adapting energy to face climate changes, and Egypt’s cooperation with the European Union in the field of gas is a top concern because it is an observer member in the Eastern Mediterranean Forum. He pointed out that there are the same large electrical interconnection projects through Cyprus and Greece, in addition to the production of green hydrogen, which represents a new source of clean energy on which the European market depends in the coming period..

Abu Eish pointed out that there are a large group of projects that will be established in Egypt to produce green hydrogen that will mainly serve the Egyptian market and the European market, stressing that Egypt is making tremendous efforts to become an energy center..

Ambassador Omar Abu Aish stated that Egypt will pay great attention to the 26th United Nations Conference of Parties to support the efforts of developing countries, especially African countries in their endeavors to achieve a just green transition. .

We will work with our European partner to achieve tangible and actionable results on a just global transition of energy, improve resilience, mitigate losses and damage from climate change, and increase climate finance to respond to the needs of developing countries.

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