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Banking expert: The 25% certificates control inflation and collect liquidity from the market

Sahar El-Damaty, a banking expert, confirmed that certificates with an interest rate of 25% dominate inflation And she collects liquidity from the market, saying: I urge all people who possess the currency to dispense with it, and to enter into high-interest certificates, as well as Egyptians abroad.

And Sahar El-Damaty added, in a telephone interview on the “Al-Youm” program, with the media, Dina Esmat, on the DMC channel, that the effects of these certificates lead to curbing inflation and withdrawing liquidity, and in a social part, which is a great return, and the interest rate of the certificate has become positive and prevents money erosion. .

Sahar Al-Damati praised the initiative to finance the industry, saying: “The important point is the industry initiative, and it is huge because the interest is increasing in an unusual way and entering to support the industry at this time and expanding the industrial base and localizing the industry is important, and what is happening gives an outlet for the manufacturers to work and this is a strong support,” stressing The low-interest industry financing initiative helps achieve the country’s goals in supporting the industry.

And Banque Misr and Al-Ahly Bank had offered, on Wednesday, a one-year savings certificate, with an annual interest of about 25%, to be spent at the end of the period, or an interest of 22.5%, to be spent monthly.

Banque Misr announced the availability of 126 branches to operate on Friday and Sunday, to provide services for purchasing Talaat Harb certificates and exchanging foreign currencies.

And the dollar continues to decline in Egyptian banks against the Egyptian pound, as it recorded in the (Misr – Al-Ahly) Bank 29.35 pounds for purchase and 29.40 pounds for sale.

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