Because of a picture.. Asmaa Jalal tops the Twitter trend for the second time during

12:15 p.m

Friday 06 January 2023

Books – Hani Saber:

The young artist, Asmaa Jalal, topped the “Twitter” trend for the second time in a month, during the past hours, after sharing his photos of her with “The Moon” in her latest appearance on social media.

The audience’s comments on Asmaa Jalal’s appearance with the moon came as follows: “The moon looks sweet today,” “Beautiful,” “Asmaa Jalal is a copy of Souad Hosni,” “Sweet,” “Your sweetness, Asmaa.”

It was the first time that Asma Jalal topped the Twitter trend, after appearing in the eighth episode of the series “Room 207”, on the “Watch” platform.

Asmaa Jalal surprised the audience with the character she presented in the work, in which she appeared as a guest of honor.

The appearance of Asma Jalal in the series “Room 207” came through a scene dating back to an ancient era, where she embodied the character “Cleopatra”.

The series “Room 207” starring Mohamed Farrag, Reham Abdel Ghafour, Ali Al-Tayeb, Nardin Farag, Murad Makram, and other artists, and a screenplay and dialogue by Tamer Ibrahim and directed by Mohamed Bakir.

Room 207 was originally published in 2008 and republished in a new edition in 2017.

The collection of stories consists of 12 stories, all of which take place in Room 207 of a hotel whose owner insisted that it remain, despite the unfortunate events it witnessed, in which many people were killed.

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