Behind the scenes of Enppi’s request to contract with Mahmoud Metwally

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Enppi Club confirmed its request to sign Mahmoud Metwally, the first team player in Al-Ahly Club, this summer, in a reciprocal deal that stipulates the transfer of Mustafa Shalaby, the petroleum team’s wing, to the Red Castle.

Sherif Aboul Gheit said in exclusive statements to “There is no reciprocal deal between us and Al-Ahly in Mustafa Shalabi’s negotiations. We cannot conclude a reciprocal deal with Al-Ahly.”

He added: “People should understand this well. There are those who say that Enppi is conducting exchange deals with Ceramica Cleopatra Club, and this does not apply with Al-Ahly, because Enppi officials belong to Zamalek. This is absolutely not true.”

And he continued in his private statements: “We had asked Al-Ahly to contract with Mahmoud Metwally in exchange for Mustafa Shalaby’s transfer to Al-Ahly, and indeed Metwally would have entered into the deal without any problem.”

He continued, “After that, we were surprised that Mahmoud Metwally’s salary is 6 million pounds per season, and the highest salary ceiling in Enppi is 3 million pounds or less. So if we contract with a player who receives this salary, a group will occur in the locker room.”

He continued in his statements to El-Ahly.comTherefore, Enppi Club cannot sign a player from Al-Ahly, Zamalek or Pyramids. We ask for an immediate amount in exchange for any deal.

Sherif Aboul Gheit concluded his statements by saying: “We cannot pay the salaries that Al-Ahly, Zamalek and Pyramids players receive. As for the rest of the clubs, their salaries are close to the salaries that our players receive.”

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