Blood Flowers 23 series, with subtitles, a complete love story on the Turkish channel, and the great similarity with the flower of the Trinity and Sela, watch live

Blood Flowers Episode 23, subtitled A Love Story, Turkish Channel 7 launched the first official announcement of the new daily Turkish series, Blood Flowers, which achieved high rates of more than 3 million views within only 24 hours of its release. This is due to the atmosphere similar to the series with the series Zahrat Al-Trinity and Sila, which are two of the most successful Turkish series in the history of Turkish drama, and the Arab and Turkish fans of Turkish drama will remember this series in a village, a desert atmosphere, and the customs of the villagers are very close. Many are looking for a link to the series, Blood Flowers, episode 23, a love story with subtitles.

Blood flowers series 23 subtitled love story

Now Blood Flowers Episode 23 is a love story with subtitles, some people are even comparing the protagonist Burus Baktas who plays Balan to Akino Tsuaki who plays Milan in the Trinity Flower series. They are really alike, just like the white dress of the heroine Yagmur Yuksel, with the shoulders of a white scarf on TV also very similar to the dress of the heroine Ibru Sahin in the drama commercial which seems to be intended by the channel. Show this similarity to attract viewers to the channel, and follow-up to show how compatible the feelings of the series are with Turkish and Arab viewers who love this atmosphere.

There are reservations about the relationships and clothes of girls, and the customs of revenge, and forcing girls to marry, and observing the problems and problems of those villages and the consequences of disasters, because those strict habits amount to endless blood chains, and the reason is not worth bleeding. . This situation attracts the Turkish audience and reaches a certain percentage. Huge viewership usually occurs in the series “The Flower of the Trinity”, Sila and Al-Hamamah, in addition to attracting the attention of the Arab world and gaining wide revenues and good interactions through social networking sites.

Blood flowers 23 subtitled love story

As such, many expect the series to achieve high ratings in Turkey, and it may surpass all the daily Turkish series currently being shown, including the series Al-Amanah starring Khalil Ibrahim Cihan and the captive series, due to the quality and captivity of the series. Ajwaa, aired last week on the same channel as the series Zuhur al-Dam. Capture your audience’s attention.

Through our website, we will continue to monitor all the details and events of the series, Zuhur Al-Dam Episode 23, with subtitles A Love Story, and there are many other sites that will present and display the series, Zuhur Al-Dam, episode 23, subtitled La Rosa in full.

Blood Flowers, episode 23, complete with subtitles

All viewers can now access episode 23 of the series, Zuhour Al-Dam, with full subtitles, on the love story, and watch La Rosa’s live video. And that is by opening your browser, whether on the computer or mobile phone, and heading to the search box and writing the series, Blood Flowers, Episode 23, a love story with a complete translator.

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