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Book Fair 2023.. Date and transportation lines to and from the fair

days and the 54th session of the exhibition begins Cairo International Bookwhich is scheduled to take place from January 24 to February 6 at the headquarters of the Egypt Center for International Exhibitions in the Fifth Settlement, the late poet Salah Jahin was chosen to be the personality of this year, and the great writer Kamel Kilani is the personality of the Child Exhibition, and the Kingdom of Jordan will be the guest of honor of the exhibition, which It is held under the slogan “Egypt’s Identity… Culture and the Question of the Future”.

And due to the great demand At the Book Fair There are a number of transportation steps through which it is possible to go, because after setting the date for the “Cairo International Book Fair 2023”, the Cairo Governorate has allocated 58 buses for public transportation in order to serve the visitors of the exhibition to cover most areas of Cairo, and a sign will be placed on it written on it “Book Fair Service”. It is as follows:

How to go to the Cairo International Book Fair 2023

Line 1 operates 10 buses

Abdel Moneim Riyad Square, Ramses, Al-Abbasiya, Al-Azhar University, Al-Mosheer Axis, Book Fair.

Line 2 operates with 10 buses:

Duran Shubra, Shubra Street, Ahmed Helmy Square, Ramses Street, Abbasiya, Sekka Club, Al-Azhar University, Al-Mosheer Axis, Book Fair.

Line 3 operates 8 buses:

New Nozha, Hijaz Square, Seven Buildings, Makram Ebeid, Mustafa Al-Nahhas, Al-Manhal, Al-Wafaa Wal-Amal, Book Fair.

Line 4 operates 7 buses:

Al-Mataria Square, Al-Hilmeya, Girls College, Ain Shams, Hishan Barakat Square, Seventh District, Al-Sefarat District, Book Fair.

Line 5 operates 10 buses:

Giza Square, Cairo University, Qasr Al-Ainy, Al-Sayeda Aisha, Al-Zahr University Highway, Book Fair.

The sixth line operates with 5 cars:

Saqr Quraish, Maadi, Wadi Degla Club, Ring Road, Al-Mosheer Axis, Book Fair.

Line 7 operates with 8 buses, which are:

Saray al-Qobba, Roxy, Seven Buildings, Eighth District, Al-Wafaa and Al-Amal, Al-Mosheer Axis.

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