Book your apartment in just 5 minutes..20 steps to book a unit in Misr Residence, Dar Misr, and Jannah

Within the framework of the services provided by the Seventh Day to its readers, we present to you, in this report, how to reserve a housing unit in the Misr Housing, Dar Misr, Ganet Misr and Katameya Gardens projects, which were announced by the Ministry of Housing, in only 5 minutes, through specific steps:

First: The Ministry of Housing announced the offering of 20,000 housing units in more than 20 new cities.

Second: The spaces range from 100 meters to 160 meters.

Third: The projects are varied between Misr Residence, Dar Misr, Janna, and Kattameya Gardens.

Fourth: Starting to offer brochures of reservation conditions tomorrow, Sunday, on the Housing and Development Bank website.

Fifth: The submission period will start from January 15 to February 16.

Sixth: Allotment on the “online” reservation priority system, through the Housing and Development Bank’s online reservation website “”,

Seventh: The aim of the offering is to meet the needs of all segments of society, in implementation of the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic.

Eighth: The seriousness of the reservation for the proposed projects

1- The Egyptian housing project, the amount of the seriousness of the reservation is 70 thousand pounds.

2- Dar Misr project, the amount of the seriousness of the reservation is 80 thousand pounds.

3- The Paradise of Egypt project, the amount of the seriousness of the reservation is 100 thousand pounds.

4- The Katameya Gardens project, the seriousness of the reservation amount is 100 thousand pounds.

Ninth: Projects and the number of units included in each project:

1- Egypt housing project, which includes 8,660 units, with areas ranging from 106 to 133 meters.

2- The cities that are included in the Egypt housing project are 11 cities, which are:

– New October

– New Cairo

New transit

October Gardens

New Minya

– Sunrise

New Mansoura

– New Damietta

West Qena

– Nasser “West Assiut”

New Alamein.

Tenth: Dar Misr project, which includes 512 housing units with areas ranging from 100 to 150 square meters.

Eleventh: The cities included in the Dar Misr project include 4 new cities, namely:

May 15th – Obour

– New Damietta

New Burj Al Arab.

Twelfth: Jannah project, which includes 10,872 housing units with areas ranging from 100 to 161 square meters.

Thirteenth: The units included in the Jannah-6 new cities project are:

– 6 October

– sheikh Zayed

– New Damietta

– New Cairo

New Mallawi

New Mansoura.

Fourteenth: The Kattameya Gardens project, which includes 500 housing units with areas ranging from 90 to 125 square meters.

Fifteenth: The reservation period starts from ten o’clock in the morning on the 5th of next March.

Sixteenth: 10% of the total unit price is paid upon receipt.

Seventeenth: 70% (the rest of the unit price) is paid in equal quarterly installments for a period of 3, 5, or 7 years, bearing interest.

Eighteenth: The first installment is due 3 months after the date of receiving the unit.

Nineteenth: Post-dated checks are presented for the remainder of the unit value before receipt.

Twenty: Unit holders can pay the remainder of the unit price, which is 70% of the total price, through the Housing and Development Bank’s real estate financing program.

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