Brazilian Bruno Savio, Al-Ahly’s new deal x 20 facts

Al-Ahly fans are waiting for the announcement of the contract with the Brazilian Bruno Savio, the player of the Bolivian club Bolivar, after media reports confirmed that the deal was officially ended, but Al-Ahly has not yet announced the official contract with the player.

In the following lines, we monitor the most important information about the expected Al-Ahly deal:

1_ Savio is good at playing in almost 4 positions within the game: attacking, offensive midfielder, right wing, and left wing.

2_ Borno Savio is worth $1 million, according to TransferMarket.

3_ He started his football career with Guarani Club, which was founded in 1911, and which is currently in the Brazilian Second Division.

4_ He played in the Brazilian club America Mineiro from the 2015-2018 season, and played 50 matches with this team, scoring 8 goals.

5_ Savio went out on loan to the Brazilian club Mirasol in 2017, then the Brazilian Cuiaba.

6_ In 2019, Savio was in the Croatian ranks of Astra, before moving to the Brazilian Avai and then in the ranks of the Brazilian Guarani Club.

7_ Savio scored 15 goals and assisted 11 in the 70 matches he played with Guarani, which made the Bolivian club Bolivar sign him.

8_ The new Al-Ahly player scored 16 goals and made 4, that is, he contributed to 20 goals during 31 meetings with Bolivar Club in various competitions.

9_ Savio scored three “hat-trick” goals in his former team Bolivar’s match against his rival Blooming in the first round of the Bolivian League this season, a match that ended with Bolivar winning seven goals without a response.

10_ Savio scored 20 goals and assisted 6 when he participated in the attacking position during his football career so far.

11_ Participated in the midfield position in 35 matches, scoring 10 goals and making 7 .

12_ In the center of the right wing, he participated in 7 matches, scored one goal.

13_ In the center of the left wing, he participated in 9 matches, did not score and made 3 goals.

14_ Savio played during his football career so far 141 matches, scored 33 goals and contributed to making 18 goals with clubs..

15_ Savio is 28 years old, as he was born on August 1, 1994

16_ Marcelo Clauri, president of the Bolivian club Bolivar announced the transfer of Bruno Savio to Al-Ahly, 17_ Bruno Savio contributed to Bolivar’s crowning the Bolivian League title last season and his qualification to the Copa Libertadores.

18_ Bolivar won the title of the fifth top scorer in the Bolivian League last season with seven goals.

19_ Bolivar fans were keen to bid farewell to Brazilian Bruno Savio during their team’s last match at dawn on Sunday, as the fans gathered in front of the club’s headquarters to bid farewell to their star.

20_ Press reports from Bolivia confirmed that Al-Ahly’s contract with Savio amounted to one million and 500 thousand dollars.

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