Britain and the European Union are demanding 25 billion euros from Google.. Details

Google is facing a €25bn (£21.6bn) lawsuit in the UK and EU accusing the tech company of anti-competitive behavior in the digital advertising market.

According to The Guardian, Google has been accused of abusing its power in the online ad technology market that coordinates the sale of ad space between publishers and advertisers.

“Publishers, including local and national news media that play a vital role in our society, have long been hurt by Google’s anti-competitive behavior and it is time for them to take responsibility,” said Damien Gerardin of the Belgian law firm Gerardin Partners, which is involved in the EU case. “The aim of the lawsuit is for publishers to receive compensation in the European Union and the United Kingdom,” he said.

British law firm Humphries Kirstetter plans to take a case to the Competition Court of Appeals next month, although the process could take years to reach a conclusion. Britain’s competition watchdog is also studying Google’s strength in the digital advertising technology market.

Toby Starr, a partner at the British law firm, said the prosecution aims to recover advertising revenue lost due to Google’s behavior that has caused harm to news sites and small business owners who rely on advertising revenue, whether through personal blogs, football fans or other content owners who have spent time. to create and publish their accounts.

The lawsuits collectively seek total damages which, according to estimates by legal representatives, could reach 25 billion euros.

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