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British pensioners escape the high cost of living to Egypt’s sunny beaches

The global crisis.. With the rise in prices and the high cost of living in the United Kingdom, a number of British retirees are looking for smart ways to save, and among these ways is to travel to warm destinations It is sunny in winter, like Egypt, and they close their homes for a month so that they can avoid heating, electricity and gas bills.

The British newspaper “The Independent” quoted the story of John Stewart Davis and his wife Brenda, who found that the cost of spending a 28-day vacation in Hurghada is similar or perhaps cheaper than spending the same period in Britain, as well as escaping from the rainy and cold winter weather to enjoy the wonderful beaches of Egypt even in winter. .

The newspaper pointed out that the cost of the holiday is estimated at only 650 pounds sterling per person, which included return flights, luggage, transfers to and from the airport, and all-inclusive food and drink.

The retired couple managed to find a better offer, paying £609 each.

Brenda, from Kent, told The Independent: “We’ve turned off our heating so our electric and gas bills will be on the service charge. And because we’re retired, we’re inside all day, so we use the heating all the time, which drives up the bills.” Now We are sitting without coats and in light clothes.”

She also said they usually spend between £100 and £200 a week on groceries and eating out, and they save on fuel and utilities.

The only thing they had to pay in addition to the vacation fee was a tip and a $25 visa on arrival.

The couple, who are among a group of 12 who took the holiday package, said it was “fantastic” thanks to the weather and hotel staff, and had “no complaints”.

And they are not the only couple hailing the holiday as a way to avoid the current cost of living crisis in the UK.

Carl, from Manchester, said that while they might not be saving anything, the holiday was cheaper when considering eating out in restaurants every night because they “didn’t have to cook” for themselves.

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