Building materials: 1.5 billion tons are transported by road annually

Ahmed Abdel Hamid, head of the Chamber of Building Materials Industries, said that the building materials industries sector includes many industries that have strongly contributed to development, as 1.5 billion tons are transported annually on Egyptian roads.

This came during his speech on the third day of the first industry conference, in the presence of Mohamed Abdel Karim, President of the Industrial Development Authority, Engineer Ashraf El-Jazairly, President of the Chamber of Food Industries, Mohamed Qassem, member of the Board of Directors of the Federation of Industries, Dr. for handicrafts, and Dr. Muhammad Mujahid, Deputy Minister of Education for Technical Education.

He added, the building materials industries also represent the highest contribution value to the domestic product, especially in the higher industries in creating added value and providing Egypt’s needs for development projects such as cement industries, insulating materials and pipes, which were a mainstay for various state projects beside quarries, which are the important export sectors.

He pointed out that the building materials industries have a great opportunity to increase exports in 2023 and exploit Egypt’s strong infrastructure as a means to serve the industry, which is one of the comparative advantages of building materials that enable it to reach ports at competitive prices.

He explained that building materials have a surplus in local production that can be exported, as the volume of production of Egyptian cement reached 85 million tons, and the local market consumes 55 million tons, while the surplus is estimated at 30 million tons.

He pointed to some of the problems faced by the building materials industries, including road tolls, which increase the prices of the final product, thus losing a competitive advantage for the sector in the local and export markets.

The Chairman of the Chamber of Building Materials Industries stressed that the quarrying law is a major obstacle to the advancement of the quarrying industry and it must be reconsidered with the re-studies of production costs to reduce costs, maximize the added value of the industry and increase exports.

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