Building materials: the inclusion of the sanitary ware sector in export support increases competitiveness

Ahmed Hafez, a member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Building Materials Industries in the Federation of Industries, and head of the Chamber’s Sanitary Ware Division, confirmed that the sanitary ware industry is one of the most promising export sectors and one of the national industries that support the state’s trend towards increasing exports.

Hafez said, during the division’s first meeting, that the sector’s total exports amounted to more than $150 million, and the division aims to reach $250 million in it.

He pointed out that the sanitary ware factories are waiting for the decision of the Board of Directors of the Export Support Fund to include sanitary ware in the export support program.

He pointed out that the Building Materials Export Council prepared a working paper and study that included the positive impact on the sanitary ware sector and export by including the sector in the export support program.

He said that the Chamber, in cooperation and coordination with the Export Council, holds many discussions and a joint meeting for cooperation so that the sector is included in the export support program and help companies comply with the program’s requirements.

He stressed that the export support for sanitary ware is in the interest of the national industry and will raise the competitiveness of the Egyptian product in the export markets, increase the opportunities for export growth, increase the state’s earnings of hard currency and prosper industry, and thus provide thousands of job opportunities for young people.

The head of the Sanitary Ware Division expected that the sanitary ware industry, according to the study, would achieve an increase in exports by 25% in the first year of export support, then 20%, followed by a 20% increase in the third year.

The members of the Sanitary Ware Division in the Building Materials Chamber demanded to reconsider the list that is exempt from collection documents and to include all raw materials, supplies and spare parts completely from the documentary credits in order to constitute a strong addition and immediate support to the national industry and thus effectively contribute to the state’s orientation towards deepening the national industry and increasing exports.

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