“Businessmen” cooperates with the Syndicate of Engineers in favoring the Egyptian product

The real estate development and contracting committees, engineering consultancy, industry and scientific research at the Egyptian Businessmen Association held a meeting with the participation of Engineer Tariq Al-Nabawy, Captain of Engineers, to discuss joint cooperation in how to advance and preserve the engineering profession and support the engineer in reconstruction and training programs for young engineers and graduates..

Eng. Fathallah Fawzi, Vice-President of the Businessmen Association and Head of the Real Estate Development and Contracting Committee in the Association, stressed the importance of the Engineers Syndicate having an active role in issuing building permits and setting controls and requirements, like in Lebanon..

Eng. Majd El-Din El-Manzlawy, Secretary-General of the Egyptian Businessmen Association, and Chairman of the Industry and Scientific Research Committee in the association, pointed out the importance of the Syndicate of Engineers playing a technical role in the inspection and review of the consultant’s use of Egyptian or imported products in project implementation contracts to ensure that the preference for local products is activated..

Engineer Omar Sabbour, head of the committee, said that the meeting with the Syndicate of Engineers and cooperation with the Syndicate, the legitimate representative of the Egyptian engineer, supports the plans and objectives of the committee, which was recently established and defends ideas and principles to defend engineers and advance the profession..

Sabbour added, the committee set 3 axes for cooperation with the Syndicate of Engineers at the level of the file of support and preference for the Egyptian product, and cooperation with the committee of the advisory offices of the union to review and implement the fee schedules for consulting work, in addition to the file of upgrading the scientific level of the Egyptian engineer. .

For his part, Engineer Tarek Al-Nabrawy, head of the Syndicate of Engineers, stressed that deepening the national industry is one of the most important files of cooperation and is very important as well as upgrading the engineering and training profession, which is a national security issue for Egypt, as everything is related to the engineering profession in one way or another, noting that the union is the first advisor to the state in the engineering field..

Al-Nabrawi added that addressing the graduation of batches of incompetent engineers is a very dangerous matter, as about 50,000 students are accepted into engineering education annually, while the current requirement is that the number of engineers does not exceed 15,000 annually. Countries of the world.

Dr. Hammad Abdullah Hammad – Chairman of the Supreme Committee of the Consultative Offices Authority, reviewed the history of the establishment of the Engineers Syndicate since 1920 by order of the Khedive to establish an association with the aim of identifying the opinions of engineers in dams and others, while the union was established in 1940 and started with four divisions until it reached seven divisions now.

Hammad explained that the Society of Engineers is the scientific arm of the Syndicate, and its president is appointed by a republican decision, while the Engineers Syndicate is elected..

He stressed that the union is for all Egyptian engineers, and includes 850,000 engineers according to last year’s census, and the number of graduates is estimated from 35 to 50 thousand graduates annually, pointing out that the union is in partnership with large Arab unions, including the Union of Arab Engineers..

Engineer Hassan Al-Shafei, member of the board of directors and head of the Small and Medium Enterprises Committee in the association, added that the engineer should not be allowed to practice the profession except through the union, like doctors, stressing the need for concerted efforts to encourage and give preference to the local product in the projects of consultants..

Members of the Industry Committee of the Businessmen Association called for the Syndicate of Engineers to have a role in calculating the percentage of the local component, since according to the definition of the Industrial Development Authority, the percentage of the local component is 25%.

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