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“By God, I did not break my fast in the morning.” An insult to a cleaner ignites communication sites

In an impressive incident, social networking sites were buzzing during the past few hours, a video clip showed an insult to a cleaning worker in the Egyptian city of Port Said from the city’s neighborhood employees, after confiscating the vehicle he was working on to earn a living.

In the clip, which was filmed by a resident of the area, an officer took a garbage cart from a worker and placed it on a transport vehicle. The cleaner was begging him to leave his cart, which he had nothing else, and he was begging him, saying: “I swear to God Almighty, I’m going.. I’m on my way.. By God, I didn’t break my fast in the morning.” The employee did not show any reaction except that he took a photo cart, talking on his phone, as he pushed and insulted the worker.

appeal to officials

For his part, Hamada Al-Rifai, the photographer of the incident, confirmed that he did not intervene to save the worker, and preferred to film the clip until it reaches the officials and this employee is held accountable.

He told that the incident occurred in Salah Salem Street in the eastern neighborhood of Port Said, and that the worker is known in the area for collecting garbage and plastic in order to earn a halal living for himself and his dependents, pointing out that the employee was not satisfied with taking the cart, but rather beat the worker even before he He starts filming.”

Al-Rifai explained: “Before I started filming, the beating was more severe.. I preferred to film so that the children of this employee know the truth about their father, and the officials answer for the right of this man.. Even if he is doing wrong, take the Arabic from him and pay him a fine, but without beating and insulting.”

“your right on us”

The pioneers of social networking sites sympathized with the video and reposted it on “Facebook” and Twitter under the title “A cleaner in Port Said, your right is upon us,” so that it reaches the largest possible number of people.

Most of the comments came, “God suffices me, and He is the best disposer of affairs,” amid widespread calls for an investigation into the incident and for those responsible to be held accountable.

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