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Cairo Governorate: 5 new outlets for food commodities in every district east of the capital

Dr. Ibrahim Saber, Deputy Governor of Cairo for the Eastern Region, confirmed that construction is underway Additional outlets for goods Foodstuffs in the neighborhoods of the Eastern Region, to reduce the burden on citizens and contribute to controlling prices, in addition to providing commodities at reduced prices, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and a number of associations and parties.

And the Deputy Governor of Cairo added, to “The Seventh Day”, that each neighborhood will have at least 5 outlets for food commodities, and they will be in public, crowded and denser places, explaining that the directives of Major General Khaled Abdel-Al, Governor of Cairo, are to facilitate the establishment of outlets and extend their facilities without fees.

Saber explained that outlets have been established in the neighborhoods of Al-Matareya, Ain Shams, Al-Marj, and others, to operate for at least 3 months, and their work periods can be extended if necessary, and they will work alongside the “Ahlan Ramadan” exhibitions, and they may remain for 3 months, indicating that they will open these outlets at the beginning of the week. Next.

In the context, the governor of Cairo stressed the executive bodies with the daily passage to monitor the shop’s commitment to setting prices in an announced and clear place for citizens and to ensure the validity and quality of the goods, stressing that the degree of emergency has been raised in the operations room of the Supply Directorate to follow up the work of the sub-supply departments in the neighborhoods and continuous communication with the heads of neighborhoods to follow up controlling the markets. Availability of goods at reasonable prices.

As posted Cairo Governorate More than 100 new exhibitions and outlets for food commodities, in addition to 2,100 outlets and consumer associations that already exist, in order to confront unjustified high prices, confront monopoly of goods, lift the burden on the citizen, and provide basic commodities at reduced prices and suitable for all, in cooperation with the Directorate of Supply and Internal Trade and the Chamber of Commerce, with Monitoring campaigns continue on all markets and merchants.

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