Cairo hosts the activities of the 9th annual COMESA Research Forum

Engineer Ahmed Samir, Minister of Trade and Industry, affirmed that the Egyptian state is making great efforts to promote joint African action and achieve continental economic integration during its presidency of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), noting that Egypt has already begun to take serious steps in this regard, including working on Establishing an intra-COMESA trade fair, and preparing an initiative for African industrial integration to exploit the resources available in the countries of the continent in establishing industrial bases, as well as encouraging intra-African trade.

This came in the context of the minister’s speech delivered on his behalf by Ibrahim Al-Sigini, Assistant Minister for Economic Affairs, during the opening of the activities of the ninth annual COMESA Research Forum, which Egypt hosts as the guest of honor for the forum, during the period from 12 to 15 September, in light of Egypt’s presidency of the current session of the Common Market Group For Eastern and Southern Africa “COMESA” and in the presence of COMESA Secretary-General Chilechi Kapweboy and Scipian Oliveira Gomez, Assistant Secretary-General of the Organization of African, Caribbean and Pacific States, via video conference, along with representatives of the COMESA General Secretariat, the African Capacity Building Foundation, and development partners from international organizations and bodies and regional governments, and the governments of COMESA member states, in addition to a large number of university professors, authors of research papers and academics.

The minister said that the ninth annual COMESA Research Forum supports the efforts and measures taken by member states to accelerate the pace of economic recovery in light of the challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the current international economic challenges, noting that the forum is an international forum that includes policy makers, academic institutions, think and opinion institutions and the private sector. To discuss emerging issues related to regional integration, as an embodiment of joint African action to achieve regional integration in the continent, where the forum is one of the initiatives for building research and analytical capacities in the field of economic and trade policies with the aim of deepening integration in the COMESA region.

Samir pointed out that the forum, which is being held this year under the slogan “Enhancing business competitiveness and its resilience in order to enhance intra-COMESA trade”, highlights the importance of trade and competitiveness as one of the most important ways to enhance the economies of the grouping countries to face challenges on the regional and global arena, as they are among one of the Paths of sustainable economic recovery for member states, especially from the repercussions of the Covid-19 crisis, the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and the resulting negative effects on food security on the continent and other social, economic and political challenges that all countries of the world are currently facing.

The Minister noted that the forum also discusses a number of sub-topics and their impact on intra-regional trade in the COMESA region, which is of great importance in advancing intra-regional trade and the economies of member states forward, which includes studying the impact of macroeconomic shocks, focusing on the added value achieved, digitization, and attention to the role of small and medium enterprises. In promoting trade, as well as the issues of barriers to trade and the negative impact of transportation and logistics challenges on the volume of trade between the countries of the assembly, pointing out that there are distinct opportunities during the activities of the forum to study these topics and work to meet the challenges in a way that contributes to strengthening the intra-trade movement among the countries of the COMESA grouping.

Samir expressed his confidence that the forum will contribute to completing the process of joint African action, and the resulting recommendations that form a basis for taking decisions related to the formulation of regional trade policies for member states and enhance the achievements and gains made within the framework of joint African economic and social action, through effective participation and substantive contributions. for participants.

For her part, Chelichi Kapweboy, Secretary-General of COMESA, stressed that the research forum is one of the main ways through which the General Secretariat shares the knowledge and policies of COMESA with leading scientists, researchers, academics, and regional and international experts who review this research to benefit from it in formulating and implementing sound policies and strategies related to trade and integration. Regional Committee, thanking Egypt for hosting this important forum and for participating in its proper organization and exit.

Kapweboy said that the forum’s slogan focuses on ways to confront the current repercussions imposed by the Corona pandemic, the most important of which is the disruption of global supply chains, and the high prices of food commodities, fuel and fertilizers, noting the importance of regional and trade integration in enhancing opportunities for countries and consumers to access a wide range of goods, services, technologies and knowledge, as well as Enhancing entrepreneurial skills in the private sector, stimulating local production, creating new job opportunities, increasing individual incomes and reducing poverty.

Cairo hosts the activities of the 9th annual COMESA Research Forum

WhatsApp photo 09-12-2022 at 11.24.27 am
Cairo hosts the activities of the 9th annual COMESA Research Forum

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Cairo hosts the activities of the 9th annual COMESA Research Forum

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Cairo hosts the activities of the 9th annual COMESA Research Forum

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