Car replacement initiative: Customers must change the cars agreed upon because they are not available

The organizers of the initiative to replace old cars at the Ministry of Finance appealed to customers who expressed a desire to acquire “Lada Granta”, “Chevrolet Optra” and “Nissan Sentra” cars to choose other models due to the difficulty in providing them..

Where text messages were sent to customers via mobile phone, in addition to notifications on the website to offer the possibility of modifying their desires, emphasizing that all customers who obtained initial approval from banks to finance the purchase of any of the models; They will have the right to get the car without any increases to the initiative after obtaining it, because this suspension was temporary and participation in the initiative is still open, but deliveries will start again when it returns to production and cars are available .

It is noteworthy that the number of requests on the website in general amounted to about 39,500 requests, and about 22,600 units were allocated, while the number of scrapped old cars reached about 22,300 cars.

The new cars were distributed among the owners, taxis and microbuses; 7500 cars from Nissan, 5480 from Lada and BYD, 2220 from Chevrolet, 1930 from Hyundai, 2465 units from Chery Tiggo, 1465 from Chery Arrizo, 835 minibuses from King Long, and 705 units from Zmex microbus.

The scrap units are distributed; with 20 thousand and 265 owners’ units, about 720 taxi units, and about 1315 units of microbus, and the total number is distributed among the scrap yards; Greater Cairo Square topped the list with 19,910 cars, then Alexandria with 1370, Port Said with 320 units, Suez with 300 cars, the Red Sea with 290 vehicles, and Sharm el-Sheikh with 10 units.

The Ministry of Finance has allocated, since the beginning of the initiative, 7.1 billion pounds for the green incentive for the first phase, of which 2.1 billion pounds has been allocated for the fiscal year 2021/2022. In the case of a taxi, 20% with a maximum of 45,000 pounds, and in the case of a microbus, 25%, with a maximum of 65,000 pounds.

Luxor and Aswan governorates were included in the initiative in mid-April 2022, and registration was made available for citizens of the two governorates on the initiative’s website, and the scrap yards are being completed to receive old cars in the coming days.

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