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Car Replacement Initiative: We delivered more than 25,000 cars.. and added 5 new governorates

said Dr. Megahed Hosni, Mubadara spokesperson auto substitutionThe automotive industry worldwide is facing a number of global crises, which negatively affected the cars offered within the initiative.

Hosni added, in a telephone interview to the “Al-Youm” program broadcast on the DMC channel, that the initiative succeeded in delivering more than 25,000 cars to citizens despite the global economic crises, continuing: “The state adopts the concept of preserving the environment from harmful pollutants resulting from conventional fuel.” .

He pointed out that the Egyptian state is largely geared towards manufacturing electric cars and converting cars to natural gas, as it is clean energy and preserves the environment.

He pointed out that the initiative is operating in 7 governorates at the present time, and many citizens apply to it to obtain cars, stressing that the initiative opened a great opportunity for citizens to exchange their cars, and it was previously announced that 5 new governorates would be included during the current period.

Earlier, a spokesman for the initiative to replace cars with natural gas said that the challenges faced by the initiative were great, most notably the Corona pandemic, then the production chain crisis, and then the Russian-Ukrainian war, explaining that all these factors affected the process of importing components and affected the automotive industry.

A spokesman for the initiative to replace cars with natural gas added that there are companies in the initiative that provided 6 models for 19 private cars and taxis that suit the citizen’s income, continuing: We have the longest repayment period of 7 or 10 years with an interest of 3%, and we provide two documents for car insurance, and we also provide him with the ability to pay Introduction so that he can pay his installments, and we have received 42,000 requests to replace cars, and there are more than 24,000 cars that have been delivered.”

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