Ceramica bid farewell to Shadi Hussein with moving words after a career that spanned 8 years

Ceramica club bid farewell to the team’s striker, Shadi Hussein, with moving words, after his long career with the team, which extended to 8 years.

Speaking about Shadi Hussein, Ceramica said: “After a long journey of struggle that spanned more than 8 years, Shadi Hussein, the historical scorer of Ceramica Cleopatra Club, came out of the big door. The living model in sincerity and dedication, the active number in a successful partnership, in which Shadi Hussein and his colleagues contributed over the years to the epic rise of Ceramica Cleopatra to the limelight, and he kept sticking to wearing the Ceramica Cleopatra shirt, defending him, in the shadow league, refusing all temptations to leave, Despite the offers that fell on him for many years, but he remained on the covenant, clinging to the dream of ascending with the team to the Premier League, and establishing its pillars among the seniors.

Ceramica added: Now Shadi Hussein is leaving, the historical scorer left his seat, after he wrote in the last pages of the struggle, a brilliance that ensured that he joined the Egyptian national team for the first time, after scoring 10 goals, and until the last moment he fought with his colleagues, in defense of the honor of the Ceramica Cleopatra shirt.

And Ceramica’s statement concluded: “While the management of Ceramica Cleopatra Club expresses its great pride in the star Shadi Hussein, and appreciates his efforts over the years in defending the name and entity of the club, it wishes him continued success and brilliance, during his new step, expressing its hope for his continued brilliance with the Egypt national team. under the leadership of Portuguese Rui Vitoria.

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