Chamber of Tourism: The Umrah gate protects the pilgrim, controls the market and confronts brokers

It achieves the state’s vision of digitization, ensures the quality of Umrah services, and preserves the rights of citizens inside and outside Egypt

The identification barcode is important for the benefit of the pilgrim, and its issuance ensures the legality of travel procedures and the quality of services

With the regularity of the Umrah trips that were launched at the beginning of last month, the real activation of the Egyptian portal for Umrah began, and the many goals for which the portal was established by Law No. 72 of 2021 became evident. Citizens investigate the portal and the mechanism of traveling through it, as well as the risks of traveling away from the portal system. The Chamber of Tourism Companies monitors in this press report all the details of the Egyptian portal for Umrah, as well as the many developments witnessed in the current Umrah season, which is the real birth of the portal.

Initially, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities approved an integrated strategy for digital transformation and the use of technology to achieve the principle of sustainability in the sector by keeping pace with global technological development. Among the successive technological developments, the Egyptian portal for Umrah was established, which is primarily concerned with providing facilities to citizens and tourism companies, while protecting the right of the pilgrim to a safe journey and a distinguished tourist service worthy of the Egyptian citizen.

And the Egyptian portal for Umrah succeeded in its first test last year, which witnessed a partial return to Umrah trips after a longest pause due to the Corona pandemic, and since last season, which was limited to only 3 months and in limited numbers for pilgrims, the portal began and is still providing its services to citizens traveling to perform Umrah under the supervision of the Ministry Tourism and Antiquities for contracts between the company and the pilgrim, where the contract is raised on the portal electronically, and then the company becomes obligated to implement all the terms of the contract from means of travel and internal transfers in the Holy Land, the level of hotel accommodation, and logistics services such as meals and means of transportation to the sanctuary when residing at a distance of 500 meters In addition to the presence of a supervisor for each group provided by the tourism company, who has sufficient experience to serve the pilgrims, and provide them with all means of comfort.

ease and facilitation

And the Chamber of Tourism Companies announced that the Egyptian portal for Umrah contributed greatly to ending the travel procedures for pilgrims easily and smoothly amid continuous support, participation and coordination between the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the Chamber of Tourism Companies and the Supreme Committee for Hajj and Umrah, and everyone was assured of the excellent organization of the Umrah season and the ease of travel for pilgrims and their safe arrival to the Holy Land. , while adhering to the regulations regulating the season adopted by the Ministry of Tourism, housing them according to the specifications agreed upon in contracts with companies, and facilitating their internal movements in the Holy Land.

Samia Sami, head of the Central Department of Companies at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and head of the Supreme Committee for Hajj and Umrah, said that the law establishing the Egyptian portal for Umrah came to ensure the security and safety of the pilgrim, preserve his money, and ensure his comfort and safety. , especially in the discipline of travel and return dates, and the implementation of accommodation and transportation reservations and the services provided that were contracted, so that the traveler can enjoy a complete and safe spiritual journey, and a smooth travel without congestion at airports and ports, as well as the portal provides a bridge of communication between the pilgrim and the ministry that does not stop throughout his journey until return.

Samia Sami added that the approved tourism companies, which were included in the list in the portal, which completed the documentation of their contracts with the Saudi agents, showed a strong willingness and a real desire to implement distinguished Umrah programs, within the system established by the Egyptian portal for Umrah, noting that the tourism programs will include advantages that are not available. Those who promote illegal Umrah trips through various means of communication, where the approved tourism company is allowed to make regular flight reservations that do not change even at peak times, and it is also available to book luxury hotel rooms in distinctive locations and in accordance with the Ministry’s regulations for Umrah without difference or change except with the approval of both parties.

Ahmed Ibrahim, a member of the Steering Committee of the Chamber of Tourism Companies and a member of the Supreme Committee for Hajj and Umrah, explained that the portal aligns with the Egyptian state’s vision of implementing a full digital transformation strategy, in line with the global trend, and supports ease of travel and reservation, as well as providing a guarantee for the pilgrim pilgrim with serious monitoring by the ministry to implement what was stated in The contract between the pilgrim and the tourism company, which is uploaded to the portal, which gives the traveler the possibility to verify the validity and safety of his visas, and the approval of the company he is traveling with.

Hisham Amin, a member of the Chamber’s Steering Committee and a member of the Supreme Committee for Hajj and Umrah, adds that the establishment of the portal came within the framework of the efforts of the complete digital transformation of the Egyptian state, and the introduction of technology into the field of the tourism industry, and the Umrah Gateway Law No. 72 of 2021 came to support the digital technological transformation witnessed by the file Religious tourism, whether in Egypt or in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, adding that in addition to the registration of all companies organizing Umrah on the portal, it also documents the contracts concluded between the company and the pilgrim.

The story of the barcode

And because the portal law stipulates that the portal links the identification code of each pilgrim with the General Directorate of Passports and Immigration at the Ministry of Interior and then sends it electronically to the passport departments at the port of the Republic. Umrah is a prerequisite for citizens to travel to perform Umrah from airports and ports, according to Law No. 72 of 2021 regarding the establishment and operation of the gate. These procedures aim to preserve the rights of citizens and not be exposed to any fraud that takes place through dealing with brokers, brokers and fictitious entities.

The Chamber’s Religious Tourism Committee revealed that there are several steps that precede the issuance of the identification barcode, as the tourism company books flights for the pilgrim and appropriate accommodation in Makkah and Madinah, as well as obtaining an Umrah visa. To contract the pilgrim with the company, and also to comply with the regulations of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, after which the barcode is issued to the pilgrim. His travel and his safe return and immediate intervention to solve any problems he faces.

The Chamber explained that obtaining the barcode is one of the procedures carried out by tourism companies for the travel of their pilgrims, and it is issued from the Egyptian portal for Umrah for pilgrims traveling through the programs of tourism companies only in accordance with the law.

The Chamber denied what was reported about the existence of a separate financial cost for the barcode that any traveler through other than tourism companies can pay to obtain it, stressing that this is incorrect and illegal.

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