China discovers a new mineral on the moon.. know the details

China has discovered a new mineral on the Moon, a phosphate mineral in columnar crystals called Changesite- (Y), which was identified in rock and soil samples brought back from the lunar surface. The mineral was carefully separated by researchers from more than 140,000 tiny particles and then analyzed. Through a series of advanced metallurgical methods, if the new metal has properties it can be used on Earth.

Phosphate, which is present on Earth, is essential for plant growth, but its crystalline properties have not yet been determined, and this announcement places China as the only third country to find a new mineral on the moon, after the United States and Russia.

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, the discovery is the sixth new organic composition identified by humans since NASA returned the first samples of Apollo 11 in 1969.

According to the Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology, one of the key institutes of the China National Nuclear Corporation, this mineral on the moon’s surface will play a major role in helping space-faring heroes on the moon.

However, phosphates are known to thrive on the moon, but this is the first time humans have seen them in a vertical crystal, and the Chinese Chang’e-5 probe returned to Earth on December 17, 2020 with the country’s first lunar samples stored inside it, where the collection of rocks is said to be Billions of years younger than those obtained by the United States and Russia, which was the Soviet Union at the time of its moon mission.

The age of the rocks and soils should help scientists bridge a gap in knowledge about the history of the moon between roughly one billion and three billion years ago, said Brad Jolev, director of the McDonnell Center for Space Science at the University of Washington.

The samples may also provide clues to the availability of economically useful resources on the Moon, such as concentrated hydrogen and oxygen, Jolev added.

The announcement keeps China in a space race against the United States that has intensified in recent years, and the two are battling to see who can benefit from the moon.

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