China launches military communications satellite into orbit

China launched its 38th orbital mission of 2022 yesterday, sending the satellite “Zhongxing-1Eover a missile The Long Walk 7AThe launcher was launched fromWenchang space launchOn the island of Hainan and successfully delivered its payload to the geostationary transfer orbitGTOAs planned, according to the website outer space.

As built Zhongxing-1E by the Chinese Academy of Aerospace Technology”spitChina has not said much about the spacecraft, describing it in general terms as a communications satellite.

Andrew Jones reported space news: “The vague description of the satellite matches the data of the satellite chain Zhongxing-1 And he added: “The lack of information and images of the satellite suggests that the mission serves military agents.”.

Jones said the newest satellite in the series,Zhongxing-1D It was launched in November 2021 on a rocket.The Long March 3 BFrom the center Xichang To launch satellites in southwest China.

Jones added, “China is simply moving away from The Long March 3 B and about 7a to launch to GTO In addition to being less powerful than 7a the 3B Much older, it debuted in 1996, while the first successful flight of the 7a It only happened last year.

And China is not alone in setting a fast pace this year, conducted SpaceX Already 41 orbital missions in 2022, most of which are dedicated to constellation building starlink massive broadband.

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