“Communication”: Providing practical training for students of Misr Informatics University

Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, witnessed the signing ceremony of two cooperation agreements; The first is between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Teradata Egypt for cooperation in the field of training and capacity building in the disciplines of big data analysis and artificial intelligence for workers in the state administrative apparatus, and the second is a memorandum of understanding between Egypt Informatics University and the company regarding the launch of a practical training program for university students in the fields of data analysis and artificial intelligence.

It is noteworthy that Teradata is one of the leading companies in the field of data analysis and artificial intelligence.

after signing; Dr. Amr Talaat indicated that Egypt’s digital strategy and the projects that are being implemented come within the framework of preparations that are in full swing for the government’s transition to the new administrative capital and the transformation into a paperless participatory government. Pointing to the state’s interest in processing and analyzing big data; He explained the efforts made to develop the technological skills of specialists and non-specialists, as part of the implementation of the technical training strategy, which aims to prepare a base of digital cadres and competencies required by the labor market.

Dr. Amr Talaat added that the state is keen to provide all facilities and incentives to international companies to invest in Egypt. The legislative environment has also been created and the communications infrastructure developed in a manner that contributes to creating an appropriate climate for the development and attraction of investments. He praised the cooperation with Teradata Company in many fields.

For his part, Richard Betley, Executive Vice President of Teradata for Europe, Middle East and Africa, expressed the company’s aspiration to have a greater presence in Egypt; praising the development that Egypt is witnessing and the efforts made to create a supportive climate to attract foreign investments, as well as the vision of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to build a digital Egypt and its plans to develop communications infrastructure and deal with data; He stressed the company’s interest in benefiting from the professionalism of the Egyptian youth in the company’s projects in Egypt, as well as in cooperation with the Misr Informatics University, especially in the fields of technology management and business technology.

The agreement signed between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Teradata Egypt aims to provide capacity development programs for leaders and middle management workers in the state’s administrative apparatus in the areas of collecting, analyzing, standardizing and modeling data, and employing artificial intelligence associated with data to serve business needs and solve various problems, which contributes to supporting stakeholders. decision, enhancing the efficiency of government performance to provide distinguished services, and improving the management of state resources.

The training programs include a set of knowledge and skills related to big data and its analysis, including; Basics of AI, data lifecycle (extraction, transformation and merging), data standardization, basics of data representation and visualization, tools for understanding data and industry use cases.

The agreement was signed by Eng. Ghada Labib, Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology for Institutional Development, and Eng. Khaled Hammouda, Director of Teradata Egypt.

While the memorandum of understanding signed between Misr Informatics University and Teradata Egypt stipulates the cooperation of the two parties in preparing and developing an integrated training curriculum for university students in the fields of artificial intelligence and data science with a focus on practical and industrial experience, as well as enabling university members and students to enter the educational electronic platform of Teradata. It contains many educational resources specialized in the fields of data analysis, in addition to a large amount of data on the company’s platform, which it obtained in agreement with the University of Arkansas in the United States of America.

sign the memorandum of understanding; Dr. Reem Bahgat, President of Misr Informatics University, and Eng. Khaled Hammouda, General Manager of Teradata Egypt.

It is noteworthy that Misr Informatics University is the first university in Africa specialized in the fields of communications and information technology and the areas affected by it. It was established by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the City of Knowledge in the New Administrative Capital.

attended the signing events; Dr. Heba Saleh, President of the Institute of Information Technology, and a number of leaders of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, while Dr. Ahmed Tantawy, supervisor of the Applied Innovation Center, attended via video conference technology; On the part of Teradata; Eng. Atef Khatari, Executive Vice President for the Middle East and Africa, and Hany El-Assar, Director of Government Sector at Teradata Egypt.

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