Concern in the world’s currency markets in anticipation of the US interest rate decision… and the dollar at 19.44 pounds

A state of anticipation and anxiety dominates the global currency markets currently, awaiting the US Federal Reserve’s decision today, Wednesday, in which it is scheduled to announce the bank’s decision on interest rates, and it is expected that it will be a decision to raise the interest rate significantly on the dollar to counter the increasing rise in inflation rates in the American market.

And increased fears regarding an expected unprecedented hike in the interest rate on the dollar this evening, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization of the army, citing media reports today, Wednesday, which led to the rise in the price of the US currency “dollar” to the highest level in 20 years, which Significantly negatively affected the performance of global currencies.

Currency markets in the world suffer from a state of instability during the other two months, for several reasons, including the continued rise in inflation in the largest global markets such as the United States, where the inflation rate reached record levels exceeding 8.3%, for the first time in 40 years, which forced the Bank The US Federal Reserve has taken violent measures to confront inflation, led by a series of decisions to raise interest rates on the dollar, which damaged the value of most currencies linked to the value of the dollar, which led to a large and often sharp decline for most of these currencies, as well as the continued rise of inflation in each of the European Union countries. and China.

Most of the world’s economies are also suffering from the repercussions of the Ukrainian-Russian crisis on the global economy, and the continued spread of the Corona virus in many places in the world, especially China, which caused the return of closures to many industrial places in China, which caused a major supply crisis for most countries that depend on Chinese raw materials and industries.

The exchange rates of the dollar against the Egyptian pound rose by 5 piasters for buying and selling, during midday trading on Wednesday, in Egyptian banks.

The banks traded the dollar exchange rates today between “19.42-19.49” pounds for purchase, and “19.50-19.52” pounds for sale.

The dollar recorded the lowest level for purchase in the Suez Canal Bank, to 19.37 pounds, and the highest level for sale, to 19.47 pounds, in the Egyptian Gulf and Arab African Bank, and the price of the dollar and foreign currencies witnessed a new movement during the period of banking transactions.

The dollar exchange rate recorded 19.44 pounds for purchase and 19.50 pounds for sale in the National Bank and Banque Misr, and in the Suez Canal Bank, the dollar recorded 19.42 pounds for purchase and 19.52 pounds for sale.

The exchange rate at the Commercial International Bank was 19.46 pounds for purchase and 19.52 pounds for sale, and in the African Arab, the dollar recorded 19.44 pounds for purchase and 19.52 pounds for sale.

In the Central Bank of Egypt, the average price of the dollar against the Egyptian pound recorded 19.39 pounds for purchase and 19.46 pounds for sale.

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