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Conflicting information about Minya al-Qamh’s girl saving two women and 4 children.. Her mother: My daughter is not a hero.. And the girl: The answer to the skeptics tomorrow

The past hours witnessed a wide controversy about a girl claiming the incident of saving two women and 4 children from drowning, and the news spread, and things took the course of a great popular celebration on social media, so that the National Council for Women wrote about the incident, and Dr. Maya Morsi The President of the Council officially thanked the girl, and “The Seventh Day” followed the details of what was mentioned in this regard, and we quoted the National Council for Women to thank the girl, then we started attempts to reach the girl herself and her family, to verify the information accurately..

The beginning when a girl named Amani Muhammad, from the Minya al-Qamh Center in Sharkia, announced the rescue of two women and 4 children from drowning in a canal in a village in the Minya al-Qamh center, and social media pages began to celebrate the girl, then news sites began publishing the incident quoting the girl, but the last hours From Saturday evening, I witnessed great skepticism about the incident, due to the failure of the people whom the girl claimed to have rescued, and the girl’s inability to provide information about them..

The seventh day tried to reach confirmed information about the incident, visited the girl’s village, and we spoke with her family, who denied her knowledge of the incident. A canal in the East, knowing the incident from the ground up.

And the girl’s mother said, in statements to the seventh day in front of her house, that she does not know anything about the details of the incident in the first place, and does not know whether her daughter has saved people or not, explaining: My daughter is neither a heroine nor a need, and her sisters refuse that she is talking about this issue sincerely.“.

Her husband’s mother and her relatives also denied their knowledge of the incident, in statements to The Seventh Day, and stressed that they do not have confirmed information about whether the girl carried out what she claims or not..

On the other hand, the girl responded to all the doubts that were raised about the incident in statements for the seventh day as well, and confirmed that tomorrow will witness the removal of doubt with certainty, and that she will respond to the skeptics of the incident through a visit to the family that saved her home..

The girl said, in exclusive statements for the seventh day in front of her house, that the past hours witnessed great skepticism about the incident of her saving the two women and children, and that she contacted the family of those she saved, and they assured her of their presence tomorrow, Sunday, to thank her, and to respond to the skeptics of the incident..

On the official level, no official statements were issued confirming or denying the incident, and the police authorities were not informed of any reports regarding the incident, and there were conflicting statements even regarding the timing of the occurrence of the incident, as posts spread with the denial of the event, talking about the girl saying that nine days ago, Until now, there is a great discrepancy in the information between the extensive spread of the accounts denying the incident, and on the other hand, the girl’s confirmation of its occurrence, so “The Seventh Day” decided to present all the information available in the incident from its sources..

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