Congress wants transparency about FAA’s Blue Origin launch failure investigation

The House Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics wants clear answers from the FAA as to why a launch error occurred blue origin On September 12, according to outer space.

Missile failure led blue origin During an unmanned launch this month, lawmakers urged more transparency into the FAA’s investigation into the crash.

One of the missiles was destroyed.New ShepardAffiliate of blue origin In a failed launch last September 12 while carrying an unmanned capsule on board a science flight NS-23 From the company’s launch site in West Texas.

And an abortion system separated the capsule from the designed booster, allowing it to return to the ground, not deployed blue origin No details of the cause of the accident and the FAA did not provide any details.FAAInvestigating failure.

Congressional leaders on the House Science Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics issued a letter on September 15 calling for more transparency from the FAA since Blue Origin also uses missiles.New ShepardTo launch passengers on sub-orbital flights.

During the launch process on September 12,New Shepard‘ which can be reused from Blue Corporation, to transport 36 scientific payloads, including 18 from NASA, to suborbital space and back, but an error occurred after one minute and five seconds of flight as the rocket was approaching 30,000 feet, as Caused a missile error New Shepard abort his system, ejecting the booster-free payload capsule before destroying it.

It was a launch NS-23 New Shepherd Failed is important blue origin For the 23rd and second in flight since the flight began in 2015, the first error occurred in 2015, when a vehicle crashed New Shepard The booster rather than the landing, but its unmanned capsule successfully reached sub-orbital and they returned safely.

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