Construction and Housing: Delivery of the first phase of decent life projects in Gharbia will start next December

Hassan El-Far: We aim to compress the schedule to complete projects ahead of schedule

The projects of a decent life initiative have changed the investment map within the governorates of Egypt

Engineer Hassan El-Far, head of the Housing and Construction Utilities Company, one of the companies of the Ministry of Housing, revealed the details of the proportions of decent life projects in the western governorates of Kafr El-Sheikh within the first phase of the Decent Life initiative, pointing out that the timetable will be compressed to complete the implementation of projects ahead of schedule.

Engineer Hassan El-Far added that it is scheduled to start handing over some projects implemented by the company in the governorates of Gharbia and Kafr El-Sheikh, as of next December, and that the water and sewage stations will be completed in December.

The head of the Housing and Development Company for Utilities explained that the implementation rates exceeded the timetable, as the rates of project implementation in Gharbia Governorate reached 85%, while the rates of implementing decent life projects in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate reached 70%.

He stressed that the Housing and Development Utilities Company is implementing water and sewage networks projects in 4 villages in the Gharbia Governorate, which are: Kafr Ghazi – Kafr Sanbo – Shamara – Kafr Ismail, and the village of Kafr Hanoun.

The head of the Housing and Development Company for Utilities stated that the company is carrying out drainage, water and infrastructure works for about 14 villages in the Decent Life initiative announced by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, at an estimated cost of 750 million pounds within the projects of the Decent Life Initiative to develop Egypt’s villages, believing in the importance of Participation in the presidential initiative that aims to dramatically change the face of the Egyptian countryside, in addition to improving the standard of living of about 58 million Egyptians living in the Egyptian countryside, with an expenditure volume exceeding 500 billion pounds.

He pointed out that the projects of the Decent Life Initiative will change the map of the governorates of Egypt, and at the end of the implementation of the initiative, the rate of development will be in the various governorates that have witnessed projects of the Decent Life Initiative. Health, educational, industrial, etc., which will provide real job opportunities for all young people in villages and governorates, and will restore Egypt to leadership again through initiatives to support local products to stop imports.

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