Continuing documentation of Umrah contracts for tourism companies in preparation for the start of trips

Tourism companies continue the procedures for documenting their Umrah agencies contracts, which began at the end of last August and will continue until September 21.

This comes in preparation for the Umrah season, which will start its flights on the first of next October. The Chamber of Tourism Companies received a letter from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities notifying it to allow tourism companies to quickly complete the documentation procedures through the Egyptian Umrah portal for companies that do not have any legal positions related to violations or dereliction in serving their customers who are citizens. During the last Umrah and Hajj season

In her speech, Samia Sami, head of the central administration of tourism companies in the ministry and head of the Supreme Committee for Umrah and Hajj, called on companies to quickly finish documenting contracts for Umrah agencies, emphasizing full compliance with the regulations recently adopted by the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities and organizing the season, which take into account the benefit, comfort and rights of citizens and facilitate the work of tourism companies.

Samia Sami added that the process of documenting contracts is going so far with ease and is carried out in full coordination between the ministry and the Chamber of Tourism and tourism companies, explaining that there are no complaints about documentation, and she added that, in implementation of the instructions of the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, the ministry provides all facilities for tourism companies in all Umrah procedures. Starting from documentation and reservation of housing that conforms to the controls until the travel and return of pilgrims.

She added that the processes of mechanization and technological development, whether in the ministry or the chamber, and even tourism companies contribute greatly to facilitating the documentation of contracts and all Umrah procedures. From the service of Umrah pilgrims, stressing that the ministry will intervene immediately to solve any problems facing Umrah trips

For its part, the Religious Tourism Committee in the Chamber of Tourism Companies, with the membership of Ahmed Ibrahim and Hisham Amin, members of the Chamber’s Business Steering Committee, confirmed that it is in continuous contact with tourism companies to expedite the documentation of contracts before the deadline for registration closing on September 21, and indicated that the Chamber’s administrative apparatus is making an effort. Great to remove any obstacles in front of companies and enable them to document contracts easily and conveniently.

The committee warned citizens against dealing with brokers and mediators who delude citizens of the possibility of traveling to Umrah away from tourism companies and outside the Egyptian portal system for Umrah. To be careful when they travel for Umrah, in order to ensure their rights first and to ensure that they perform a trip without hassles.

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