Coordination of universities 2022.. Coordination website allows registration of desires for students of technical diplomas

Today, Tuesday, the electronic coordination website continues to allow students of technical diplomas to register their desires on the electronic coordination website, through the student’s personal computer with the Internet or the coordination laboratories of public universities.

Students are allowed to register via the personal computer 24 hours a day, and the coordination laboratories in the universities receive students from nine in the morning until three in the afternoon.

The Coordination Office has set the acceptance rates for technical diplomas, as follows:

1 – Technical secondary school diploma (the three-year system and its analogues) according to the following:-

Technical secondary school diploma (commercial – industrial – agricultural – tourism and hotels): 60% or more.

2 – The diploma of advanced technical secondary schools, the five-year system, and the diploma of technical institutes affiliated with the Ministry of Higher Education and their counterparts according to the following:

• Diploma of intermediate technical institutes (commercial – industrial – tourism and hotels – social service) and diploma of private intermediate institutes affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education: 60% or more.

• Diploma of advanced schools (commercial – industrial – agricultural – tourism and hotels) five-year system: 60% or more.

• Don Bosco Salesian Diploma – Diploma of the Integrated Technological Complex – Technology Center of Excellence: 60% or more.

• Diploma of Technical Institutes of Nursing, Division (Nursing) affiliated with universities: 75% or more.

Diploma of Health Technical Institutes (Nursing Technicians) Division of the Ministry of Health: 75% or more.

• Students who obtained a diploma from intermediate institutes of social work with a total of less than 75% to 65%, their papers are submitted directly to the private higher institutes of social work, where they are accepted into the third year of these institutes.

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