Crazy desire on the wedding night.. A groom behaves violently and harshly with his bride because of her extreme beauty.. and when the doctor saw her, it was a shock that no human being can bear and no mind can imagine!

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She was sixteen years old when one of the young men of her neighborhood proposed to her. The girl at that time did not know the meaning of marriage, and how to choose a husband.

But she refused that offer forcefully, as she was not thinking of getting married yet, but because of her family’s need for the money that this young man had.

The family forced the girl to accept the marriage of that young man, so the couple’s family arranged for the marriage quickly, despite the girl’s lack of consent to the marriage, so the date of marriage was approaching, the girl’s anxiety and sadness increased, and she did not find anyone from her family to stand by her side and support her in her rejection of marriage,

Her brothers were still children, her father was in a situation where he only thought about money, while her mother had blinded her love for the groom’s family, so her heart did not yearn for her daughter’s weeping and wailing.

As for the groom, despite his knowledge of the girl’s refusal to him, his dignity was not aroused, as he only thinks of the girl’s beauty. In this sad atmosphere, the girl went to her husband’s house trembling in fear of him, and after the guests left the place a few minutes and if the young man hurries the girl to take off her clothes,

The girl was terrified, so she hesitated, so it was not from her husband that he himself took off her clothes and entered her violently without caring about her screaming and pain, so the girl fell unconscious from the severity of the pain, so the groom’s family took her to the hospital,

The bride’s family did not know what had happened, but after the development of the girl’s condition and the increase in bleeding, the groom’s people were afraid, so they called the girl’s family and told them about the matter, so the bride’s family rushed to the hospital, and the father found his daughter in a difficult condition,

Then his heart began to move towards her, so he reprimanded the groom and his family strongly, but they did not respond to him, and he could not do anything, because the matter had happened and the girl was in a difficult condition.

After attempts by the doctor, she was able to cut the bleeding and the girl stayed in the hospital until the morning, so that her father would take her with him to his house, but the groom, his family, the people and all the family stood against the father’s decision and returned the girl to her husband despite her unwillingness.

She continued with him despite her hatred for him, as she could not ask for a divorce because her family did not agree to that decision. She had no choice but to live with that husband whom she would never have wanted. All her dreams and hopes in life were shattered, and she only waits for the day when her husband dies or that She departs from life and carries her wounds to her Lord.

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