Day Seven: United bullet in the heart of rumors

The Seventh Day publishes in tomorrow’s issue of the printed newspaper, a set of important news and coverage, headed by the largest media group in the Middle East.

Read the issue also.

– President Sisi in Doha and a broad Qatari welcome to the visit.. The president arrives at Hamad Airport and Prince Tamim is at the forefront of his future.. and “Qena”: the visit is a confirmation of the close relations and efforts to serve Arab causes

– Training of 9,000 young people on 49 professions in the coming months.. The Prime Minister is following up with the Minister of Manpower the Ministry’s files and stressing the strengthening of cooperation with the “Federation of Industries” in qualifying graduates of technical schools.. And the Emergency Subsidy Fund supports 420,000 workers in 4,000 establishments with more than From 2 billion pounds in 20 years

“Education” opens Egypt’s distinguished schools in Suez

The government denies authorizing unions to equalize the diplomas of university graduates at home and abroad

– “Finance”: The increase in remittances of workers abroad confirms their confidence in the Egyptian economy

– The Prime Minister meets a group of foreign and local investors at the headquarters of the Investment Authority.. Government messages of support

For investment and investors .. “Madbouly”: I am following the timetable for the implementation of projects

– In the first meeting of the fiscal year 2022/2023, the “Suez Canal Economy” approves new projects in the industrial zones, the establishment of a logistics zone and new expansions in East Port Said

– A step on the road to localizing the pharmaceutical industry.. The start of local production of the “bird flu” vaccine next November.. “Vaccera”: The factory costs 20 million dollars and operates according to international standards, and we target 70% of local needs

– The Minister of Solidarity discusses the strategy of expanding the issuance of the integrated services card.. Nevin Al-Kabbaj: Exempting the severely disabled who apply for the card from the possible medical examination at the Ministry of Health

– A strict warning against “virtual currencies” .. the central bank warns against dealing in all types of encrypted .. and stresses: high risks

Tomorrow .. the last deadline for registering points of sale within the “electronic receipt” system

– 3,390 stores in summer vacations… and a hotline for “fake offers”… Continuing price cuts until entering schools… and “consumer protection” countering attempts to manipulate and deceive citizens

– The inclusion of 18 pharmaceutical groups on the drug schedules.. The Drug Authority: They are committed to the international conventions for the control of narcotic preparations

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