Despite receiving the company’s severance pay, some Twitter employees are unhappy

Elon Musk fired thousands of employees when he took over Twitter after being paid $44 billion. At the time, he said that the employees would receive severance pay, however, in the past week, several reports claimed that these workers did not receive any communication about it, and the latest reports now claim that some employees received severance pay but it did not live up to the standard. expectations.

According to federal laws in California, Twitter is required to pay regular salaries to employees fired after termination within the past two months. They have 3 months of termination of service.”

Citing multiple sources familiar with the matter, Fortune reports that after the delay this week, some former Twitter employees have received formal severance agreements, however, the compensation is much less than many expected. I got into their spam folders.

Musk’s “personnel” problem

Musk still appears hesitant about the number of employees he needs to work on his plan to make Twitter a profitable cow and not make the platform a “free place for everyone.” Twitter said the company had finished layoffs and was hiring for roles in engineering and sales. He was also encouraged to make referrals, according to The Verge.

However, the firing continued after the announcement and according to a report by Bloomberg, Twitter has cut more staff from its global content moderation team. The report says about a dozen people were laid off from Twitter on Friday (January 6) and included employees who dealt with misinformation and state media.

Last week, reports claimed that Twitter employees were asked to bring their own toilet paper into the workplace as the company laid off cleaners.

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