Details of Google Maps-independent navigation on Wear OS watches

Google recently revealed that the Maps application on WearOS watches has been updated with a new feature, as it will now support the independent navigation feature, and this feature will be available for all watches that support cellular communication and devices connected to the Internet via WiFi, and here are all the details about this new navigation feature on Wear OS watches. Smart, according to the “Times of India” website.

What is the autonomous navigation feature?

This feature will allow WearOS watches to provide users with independent navigation capabilities without a phone, and the Google Maps app on WearOS watches will now provide users with turn-by-turn navigation without connecting the main device.

The importance of this feature

Users who go out for a run or ride and take a detour can engage with Google Maps via their watch with this feature enabled, even while leaving their phone at home.

This feature is especially useful for LTE-enabled watch users because Wi-Fi isn’t available everywhere, especially when you’re out and about.

Google Maps for Wear OS currently supports cycling, driving, and walking navigation, and this feature can be useful if users enable mirroring on their phone and watch, start navigation on their smartphone and then put their phone down, the standalone navigation feature will enable their watch to take over the navigation work from their phones.

How to use this feature

Wear OS watch users need to open the Google Maps app on their watch and use the voice tool or keyboard to enter their destination.

Users can also click on the map to view their location, users have to select the transportation mode and the watch will start showing the estimated travel time, after that, users can walk, cycle or drive to their destination.

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