Details of Hassan Youssef’s return to drama after an absence of 3 years

Great artist contract Hassan Youssef Starring in a new series titled “The House of the Lady” directed by Samer Khader in his second directing experience in Egypt after completing the series “The Return of the Baron” starring Hussein Fahmy after his success in many dramas in Jordan. Ahmed Salama and Amy Talaat Zakaria. It is noteworthy that the last work of the artist, Hassan Youssef, is the series “Al-Daher”, directed by Yasser Zayed, starring Mohamed Fouad, Tamer Abdel Moneim and Ferial Youssef.


Hassan Youssef

Little to no great artist Hassan Youssef He confirmed that he would not make any press statements unless he knew the journalist he was talking to, or if he saw Karneh as a member of the Journalists Syndicate, who confirms that whoever talks to him is a journalist who is a member of the Syndicate and is not impersonating a journalist so as not to distort his statements..

The great artist explained, in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”, commenting on the crisis of misrepresenting his statements regarding artistic kisses: “I take pranks from many young men who impersonate journalists and talk to me on the phone, and I respond to them, I don’t want to break their minds, and then I am surprised that they wrote any words and attributed statements to me that I did not make.” with it“.

And the great artist, Hassan Youssef, topped the search indicators after a statement attributed to him about artistic kisses, claiming that he said: “Kisses on my days had no taste and were devoid of sensations, and we used to rinse after that, and therefore they are not considered forbidden.”

The great artist, for the seventh day, denied the validity of this statement, stressing that he never touches on talking about what is permissible and forbidden because he is not a specialist in religion, but he said that kisses in cinema were and still do not carry any feelings and are like water, without color or taste, so how about on the filming site that It includes dozens of workers, including directors, technicians, and actors. Does the kiss carry any feelings?.

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