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Details of the development project “Qena – Safaga – Quseir” with a length of 7 thousand square kilometers

Egypt has been taking steady steps for years in establishing a huge group of national projects, and it aims to advance the wheel The Egyptian economyThis contributes socially to providing job opportunities and facilitating life for citizens.

These projects are based on sustainability, preserving the environment and building a strong infrastructure, especially in Upper Egypt, which has been absent from the development process for many years.

A study by the Egyptian Center for Thought and Studies revealed that the Golden Triangle project is among many projects that the state is seeking to achieve during the current period, and it is considered one of the most important major national projects.

Among the most important development projects that depend on the mineral resources in southern Egypt, what is the Golden Triangle project and what is its strategic importance?

“Golden Triangle”

An area that takes the shape of a triangle in the Egyptian eastern desert, and the angles of this triangle are “Qena – Safaga – Quseir”; Where the base of the triangle is on the Red Sea coast with a length of about 80 km between Safaga and Al-Qusayr. Maps, the total area of ​​the triangle is about 7000 square kilometers.

The project is being built in 6 phases, the first phase of which will take 5 years, and the project will take about 30 years to complete. Therefore, from the location of the geographical triangle, we can say that the development strategy in the region was established in light of the various features in the region.

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