Details of the government’s knowledge exchange between Egypt and the UAE

Eng. Khaled Mostafa, Permanent Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, and General Supervisor of the Egypt Award for Governmental Excellence, confirmed that working with representatives of the UAE takes place as a team and that communication continues through all means and aspects, explaining that the exchange takes place in terms of knowledge exchange, government performance development, and so on. Very defiantly during the Covid 19 pandemic, he continued that despite this, the commitment and spirit of cooperation continued in various ways, so that the work would continue and develop.

This came during the session attended by M. Khaled Mustafa under the title “Government Knowledge Exchange between Egypt and the UAE.. Rapprochement to Build a Better Future”, which was held as part of the work of the first day under the title “Economic Forum” of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Egyptian-Emirati relations, under the slogan “Egypt and the UAE are one heart”, and held Over three days, from October 26 to 28, in Cairo, in the presence of ministers from the governments of Egypt and the UAE, and with the participation of more than 1,800 senior officials, businessmen, investors, intellectuals, creators and media professionals.

Mostafa explained that the government centers are one of the tangible and clear fruits of the citizen in the Egyptian street, which is scheduled to open soon, and it is one of the important elements in the cooperation between Egypt and the Emirates, explaining that there are other elements that are being discussed, explaining that the matter represents cooperation and mutual exchange as some of the ideas that arise Through the experience in the Arab Republic of Egypt, benefit from it can be achieved in the sisterly Emirates and vice versa.

Mustafa added that when starting government development programs and with the support of the UAE, which contributed to building directly on the existing experience for several years in the UAE, where many strides were made, as it did not start from the starting point, explaining that other aspects of cooperation are currently being discussed in addition to To the Government Excellence Award and Service Centers, as well as to build government capacities, adding that other aspects that have achieved success in the UAE and have proven success in the experience of knowledge exchange between the UAE and other countries are being discussed, stressing that upon the completion of the current session of the COP27 conference, upcoming stages will be announced, including More aspects of cooperation.

Abdullah Lootah, Director General of the Prime Minister’s Office of the United Arab Emirates, stressed: “The government administration is at the heart of the development process, and that the Emirates and many countries in the world have benefited a lot from Egyptians,” adding: “We learned from Egypt not 50 years ago, but since 4 thousand years, when (Ptahhotep) wrote his wills deposited in the Louvre Museum, which includes 37 wills, including administrative wills that the world is still learning until now, and they are comprehensive and comprehensive commandments for the foundations of leadership and government administration, and the spirit of initiative, as Egypt always has a leadership hand.

Lootah stressed “the importance of the Emirati-Egyptian government exchange program, as Egypt was the first partner, and this step is very important on the path to institutional development,” stressing that “the leaders of the United Arab Emirates always confirm that the process of working with Egypt does not stop, and that the leaders of Egypt and the UAE have Great ambitions to develop government performance, as governments are there to serve the people, and government procedures between the two countries have been facilitated to address challenges to investments in less than 100 days.”

The Director-General of the UAE Cabinet Office said: “There are aspirations that the two countries seek to achieve, the most important of which is the global competitiveness of the two countries, and the most important steps to achieve this is the acceleration of government procedures.

For her part, Maryam Khalifa Al Kaabi, the UAE ambassador to Egypt, affirmed that “the password in the Emirati-Egyptian relations is Zayed, because Sheikh Zayed’s positions are what sowed mutual love between Egypt and the Emirates, and this love is what made the two countries reach this stage of strength.” relations”.

The Ambassador pointed out that “the UAE stands by Egypt in all situations,” explaining that “the depth of the strategic relations between the two countries stems from a common understanding of all regional and international issues and joint cooperation for the benefit of the two peoples, and this is due to the comprehensive coordination between the two government leaderships in Egypt and the UAE.” She pointed out that “this common understanding is reflected in the foreign policy of the two countries, which makes the two embassies one working group in many files that reflect the common vision of the two countries.”

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