Discounts of up to 50%.. We publish the prices of light rail subscriptions

The French company that operates the electric light rail has announced the prices of monthly subscriptions, after reducing ticket prices by 30 to 40%, as well as subscriptions by 50%, until the move to the new administrative capital.

And “RATB” Dave for Cairo Transport, the company responsible for managing and operating the capital’s train (the electric light rail project), announced the value of monthly subscriptions, starting from 300 pounds up to 3 stations, 500 sides up to 7 stations, and 700 pounds for more than 7 stations, and the subscription covers Unlimited number of trips.

The company announced the new prices for electric train tickets, provided that the ticket price for three stations becomes 10 pounds instead of 15 pounds, 15 pounds for seven stations instead of 25 pounds, and 20 pounds for more than seven stations instead of 35 pounds, provided that this is applied The new prices are from next Saturday, 9/17/2022.

It is worth noting that the LRT project has a length of 105 km and has 19 stations. 16 km, with 3 stations, and includes 22 new air-conditioned trains, each consisting of 6 cars, providing the highest levels of service to the passenger audience.

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