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Discounts on goods and early salary…The Ministry of Education launches “I am the teacher” to support teachers

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education launched the “I am the teacher” initiative to achieve financial benefits for the teacher as it is the cornerstone of the educational process, pointing out that the “I am the teacher” program, in which a network of Egyptian merchants participates, offers discounts and various offers for many brands that grant distinct discounts to Egyptian teachers in appreciation for their efforts in building Egypt.

The Ministry of Education launches the “I am the teacher” initiative to support teachers

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education explained during the Teacher’s Day celebration: The teacher can explore all the available offers, and the appropriate offer is selected after registration, explaining that there are educational performance indicators linked to the education development plan and circulated to all teachers in the form of coupons for purchase and benefit after the teacher goes to the commercial branch. Who wants to buy from him to take advantage of the financial voucher.

The ministry added, “The I am the Teacher project is a journey that all teachers will benefit from.”

As for the teacher’s bond project, it will be made available to teachers to provide financial services through one of the companies licensed by the Central Bank. It allows early arrest for teachers, a week or more before the end of the month, and the teacher receives 300% of his salary and pays it over 10 months.

The ministry talked about the “Pay Your Bills” service without going to the competent authority, such as experts, oil and telephones, and aims for teachers to feel safe in the face of emergencies, crises and difficult situations.

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