Economist: Sharm El-Sheikh conference aims to save the world from the dangers of climate change

Dr. Mostafa Badra, an economist, said that the world is slipping from its hands the course of correcting the global environment, so the most important message from the climate conference held in Egypt is how to save what can be saved in the future.

Mustafa Badra added, in a telephone interview to the “Ninth” program with the journalist Youssef Al-Husseini, on the first channel of the Egyptian TV, that the major countries bear 70% of the cost of climate treatment, noting: “America had previously promised a cost of 100 billion dollars since the days of Trump, and it did not fulfill With its promises to confront climate change, and if the international community and the United Nations do not adopt a charter to reduce emissions, the world will be greatly affected by the dangers of climate change, which represents a war that we will destroy ourselves.”

Mustafa Badra continued: “The resonant media conversations of the international community indicate that they will pay the cost of climate change risks for developing countries, but when implementing on the ground, we never find them, so this conscientious evasion can destroy us.”

He continued: “The major countries of the world did not speak in good conscience about the economic costs borne by developing countries as a result of climate changes, and there are those who live by the principle of exploitation and have never worked for the future, and this is a major disaster,” pointing to the danger of ignoring Africa, which faces great challenges. “We must unite to maintain world order.

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