Economy Summary today Monday 9/19-2022.. Paying the salaries of state workers on Wednesday

Today, Monday 19-9-2022, the “Youm Al-Sabaa” website published a set of important economic news, including what the Ministry of Finance announced the start of disbursing the salaries of workers in the state’s administrative apparatus, for the month of September 2022 for workers in 33 ministries and authorities, the day after tomorrow, Wednesday, September 21 In addition to a host of other news, according to the following:

“Finance”: The start of paying the salaries of state employees on Wednesday

The Ministry of Finance confirmed that the salaries of employees of the state’s administrative apparatus will be paid for the month of September 2022 for workers in 33 ministries and agencies, the day after tomorrow, Wednesday, September 21, and then the salaries of 33 ministries and agencies will begin to be paid on Thursday, September 22.

The discovery of a pink granite sarcophagus of a high-ranking statesman during the reign of King Ramses II

The Egyptian archaeological mission of the Faculty of Archeology, Cairo University headed by Dr. Ola El-Ajezy, succeeded in excavating a pink granite sarcophagus of Ptah-Im-Wea, a senior statesman, who held important administrative titles during the reign of King Ramses II.

Minister of Petroleum: The development of the petroleum refining system has achieved outstanding results in the results of companies’ business

Engineer Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, confirmed that the development of the petroleum refining system as well as the petrochemical industry began in 2016 through the overall vision of the modernization and development program that was launched in conjunction with the implementation of the economic reform program in Egypt.

Oil prices record $90.92 for Brent and $84.51 for US crude

Today, Monday, oil prices recorded $90.92 per barrel for Brent crude futures, and US West Texas Intermediate crude futures recorded $84.51 per barrel.

Gold prices in Egypt today, Monday 19 September 2019

We publish the latest update in gold prices in Egypt today, Monday, at the beginning of the week’s trading, and 21 karat, which is the best seller in Egypt, scored 1116 pounds per gram, and the price of an ounce of gold on the global stock exchange is currently 1665 dollars.

The rise of the Egyptian Stock Exchange indices at the end of the trading session on Monday

The Egyptian Stock Exchange ended the trading session today, Monday, with a collective rise of indices, driven by purchases from Egyptian dealers, amid medium trading, and the market capitalization gained 5.5 billion pounds, to close at the level of 682.167 billion pounds.

Egypt Gas denies the rumor of a gas pipeline explosion in a village in Menoufia

Egypt Gas Company, one of the petroleum sector companies, confirmed that there is no explosion in the gas pipeline in one of the villages of Ashmoun Center in Menoufia Governorate.

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