Education announces the distribution of the social studies curriculum for the fifth grade of primary

The Ministry of Education announced andeducation Technical education distributes the social studies curriculum for the fifth grade of primary school for the new school year, and the fifth grade is included in the development classes, where developed curricula are distributed to fifth grade students in the new school year.

Dr. Reda Hegazy, Minister of Education and Technical Education, issued a periodic book regarding preparation procedures for the new academic year 2022/2023; In order to integrate all the efforts made by the Ministry; To create an appropriate, good, safe, and healthy environment for our students, along with the teachers; To achieve a disciplined and safe new school year.

The periodic book stipulates that all educational directorates, departments and schools must take all customary measures related to the new academic year, and emphasizing the commitment to the following:

With regard to the affairs of teachers and students, the periodical stressed to take all necessary measures to achieve health and preventive requirements, in order to preserve the safety of students in schools, and to enhance interest in the development of students’ personality while enhancing attention to behavioral and personal aspects of them, monitoring points of excellence, diagnosing weaknesses, and working to treat them In addition to promoting interest in evaluating students’ tendencies and tendencies, providing all means to attract students to school, encouraging teachers to provide students with critical, innovative and creative thinking skills, and creating a culture of teamwork within schools and educational institutions, to ensure the creation of conscious and distinguished generations, It keeps pace with the requirements of the current era, and is qualified to deal with the challenges of the future.

The periodic book also stressed the need to work on creating a healthy and safe environment for teachers, preserving their rights, and providing an appropriate work environment. They are distinguished by respect and appreciation, befitting their distinguished position, and ensuring optimal performance of their lofty message.

The periodic book stipulates the necessity of holding periodic meetings between directorates of directorates, departments and schools with parents, through which to listen to their suggestions, opinions, and points of view regarding the efforts made; To develop the educational system, in addition to emphasizing attention to groups with special needs (students, teachers, and administrators), working to provide all means of care for them, holding periodic monthly meetings with them, and taking all measures; To overcome any difficulties or obstacles, in addition to paying attention to the kindergarten stage, and emphasizing its importance in the process of preparing children for learning, in the light of which it is prohibited to assign children at this age group homework, in addition to activating the role of school reinforcement groups in the various stages of education, in order to ensure the continuity of Students in the educational process, to combat the phenomenon of private lessons and reduce the burden on parents.

With regard to integrating technology and activities of all kinds into the educational process, the periodic book stipulates the use of educational channels “Our School (1, 2, 3)” to serve and enrich the educational process in the various stages of pre-university education, starting from the fourth grade of primary school to the third grade of general secondary , for all basic subjects in public and official schools of languages; Allocating a full day to practice activities for each class separately, without affecting the curriculum distribution plan, and then contributing to discovering and nurturing talented people.

The periodic book emphasized activating the use of smart boards in all schools, and downloading all electronic and interactive curricula from the website of the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, on the website of each educational directorate, to make it available to students, in addition to employing social networking sites for each school; To facilitate the process of communication between them and parents and students, and to respond to all their inquiries and suggestions.

As for the building, equipment, books, and curricula, the periodic book indicated that all necessary measures were taken; To maintain the cleanliness of schools inside and out, to expand green spaces, to emphasize the maintenance of laboratories, workshops, and all equipment and technical equipment, and to ensure their suitability for work to train students on them, and to ensure that students receive textbooks, and guidance towards downloading the electronic version of them, as well as programs Developed technical education courses; To ensure that it is available to all students.

With regard to the procedures for controlling the educational process and the course of study inside schools, the periodic book emphasized combating the phenomenon of private lessons, making all possible efforts to combat it, in preparation for its elimination, and taking legal measures against violators, in addition to emphasizing the electronic registration of students’ absence for the educational stages available for this, and in the records designated for this first-hand, and periodically informing parents of the situation of their children’s absence, in addition to emphasizing the inculcation of the values ​​of citizenship, belonging and loyalty to the homeland, and the need to adhere to saluting the flag, and that the first lesson for all stages should be about national projects, loyalty and belonging, and organizing school trips to visit the state’s national projects Egypt, tourist sites, as well as emphasizing the fight against bullying in its various forms, adherence to the school discipline regulation, and the prohibition of the use of physical and psychological punishment for students.

The periodical also stipulated the commitment to the school uniform, while not forcing students to buy it from certain places, as well as following up on the commitment of private schools, and schools that apply curricula of a special (international) nature to legal tuition fees, prescribed densities, and teaching national subjects, as well as following up The commitment of all educational facilities to implement sustainable security instructions; To ensure the safety of our students.

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