Education: providing quota work and volunteering in the new school year to fill the deficit

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education confirmed the availability of the quota system for the new academic year, as well as volunteering in schools to fill the deficit in faculty members, in accordance with the regulations approved by the Ministry.

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education indicated that filling the deficit in faculty members is also done by housing new teachers who applied in the competition to appoint 30,000 teachers after completing the contracting procedures for exams and also completing exams.

The Ministry of Education agreed earlier to allow holders of higher educational qualifications to work in the teaching profession voluntarily, according to special regulations.

The Ministry directed the directors of the educational directorates to prepare an inventory of the specializations that have a deficit at the level of departments, as well as to conduct a personal interview for the applicants through a committee at the level of the educational administration in each specialization.

It also demanded that those wishing to volunteer work be accommodated in the administration in which he wishes to work, in light of the disability, taking into account the lack of accommodation in schools where their first and second degree relatives are present.

The ministry stipulated that volunteers should not participate in examination work (setting exams, system and control committees), and not assign volunteers to daily supervision, provided that the minimum duration of volunteer work should be three months (one semester), and pass a qualification program through technical guidance in the administration.

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