Education reveals the details of the sports day application in schools.. Know the details

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education announced that private schools can be guided by an experiment sports Day It is applied in four stages:

The first stage, beginning of October 2022, represents 25% of educational administration schools.

– The second phase, beginning of December 2022, with 25% of the educational administration schools.

The third stage, the beginning of the second semester, 25% of educational administration schools.

The fourth stage, beginning of April 2023, with 25% of the total educational administration schools.

She emphasized taking into account the geographical distribution when choosing the aforementioned percentages. Schools are chosen to be represented in all areas of the administration, and a full day is set for practicing activities for each class separately, without affecting the curriculum distribution plan.

She explained that the students of the same class are divided in the event of high student density in the class between practicing sports, artistic and scientific activities throughout the day allotted for that and cooperating with the field of secretaries, parents and teachers to provide the necessary tools to practice those activities, organizing competitions, distributing gifts in kind to outstanding students and contributing to the care of talented students among them.

She stressed the organization of field visits to the supporting schools by the rest of the principals of the administration’s schools to take advantage of what has been implemented, address the negatives that may appear during the actual application, activate the use of smart boards in all schools, check on the preparations and equipment of secondary schools, and ensure that they are provided with wireless and wired networks.

She stressed that they have taken measures to maintain, supply and update all computers with modern programs included within the curricula of computer and information technology, and to download all electronic and interactive curricula from the website of the Ministry of Education on the website of each educational directorate to make it available to students.

She indicated that one viewing period is allocated for each study subject or two periods for the Arabic language only, and the period is equivalent to two classes to display the educational material through the smart board, data show or computers for more than one class in the same period to present the lesson with the presence of the distinguished elements of teachers in the school accompanied by Students, the rest of the scheduled time is allocated to Majida classes to discuss the content that has been watched and to make the scientific material available through the technology development official, and the schedule of broadcasting educational content on those channels for students to enable them to follow it at home, so there will be enough time.

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