Education: the new school year is on time without delay

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education confirmed that the new school year begins on time without delay, September 18 for international schools and October 1 for languages ​​and official schools, explaining that there is no need to postpone the start of the new school year and it will start as specified in the time map of the school year..

Dr. Reda Hegazy, Minister of Education and Technical Education, held a meeting with directors of educational directorates and educational leaders; To discuss the mechanisms of preparing well for the new school year, at the Ministry’s headquarters, in the presence of a number of the Ministry’s leaders.

The minister stressed that the return of students to school is a strategic goal because the school has an important social role in building the student’s personality in accordance with Egypt’s 2030 vision, noting that this is achieved through attention to technology and educational channels..

Hijazi directed the directors of educational directorates and departments to pay attention to the implementation of the sports, cultural and artistic day, which is applied alternately, especially that the political leadership is interested in discovering and nurturing talented people in all academic subjects and school activities, refining their skills in all disciplines, and providing all aspects of support and care for them. A committee to discover talented students among school students, to set degrees of encouragement for sports, cultural and artistic activity, and to activate mechanisms to attract students to attend.

The Minister directed that the new school year begin with a strong start, and that an activity day be allocated for each class; To practice all sports, cultural and artistic activities on a weekly basis, alternately, in schools nationwide, in light of the resources available to each school, stressing that practicing these activities is not a substitute for physical, artistic and musical education classes..

The Minister indicated that the Sports Day will be gradually implemented at the beginning of the school year inside schools, noting that a student guide will be prepared in each subject, which contains activities, and the link for lessons and study topics on the Knowledge Bank and the Ministry’s electronic platforms, pointing out that these mechanisms Maximizes resources, creates added value, attracts students to study, and helps reduce the phenomenon of private tutoring.

On environmental issues, the minister directed attention to afforestation and increasing green spaces in all schools and to climate change as a global issue, pointing to the need to educate school students about environmental and climate issues, coinciding with Egypt’s organization of the Climate Summit. COP 27 next november.

The meeting witnessed a discussion of a number of proposals from the directors of educational directorates on how to implement the day of school activities during the school day, distributing students to different activities, providing teachers of activities, and each directorate presented proposals for an implementation mechanism.

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