Education warns against using unapproved maps in schools.. and 26 measures to prepare for study

Dr. Reda Hegazy, Minister of EducationThe periodic book for organizing the new academic year, which included 26 procedures.

The Minister directed to make all possible efforts to combat intellectual terrorism in all its forms, instill the values ​​of citizenship, belonging and loyalty to the homeland, and emphasize national constants through broadcasting national songs and songs that appreciate the teacher and the school, (such as: Teach us in our school, go to the teacher.

The minister called for the necessity of committing to saluting the flag, and the performance of the national anthem by students and faculty during the morning assembly in all public, private and international schools, and the necessity of committing to making the first lesson for all stages about national projects, loyalty and belonging.

The minister called for organizing school trips to visit the national projects of the Egyptian state, tourist sites, combating the phenomenon of bullying in its various forms between students, or between teachers and students, and activating the role of the moralist (psychological and social) in addressing these practices among students, and following up on students’ behaviors. Inside schools from all educational, educational, health and psychological aspects.

He stressed the emphasis on adhering to the provisions of the ministerial decision issued regarding the school discipline regulation, the follow-up of schools to its implementation, the prohibition of the use of physical and psychological punishment for students, activating the role of the social worker, and adhering to the school uniform, while not forcing students to buy it from certain places, and the commitment of teachers to appropriate clothing. their position; As a role model, adherence to the provisions of Periodic Book No. (12) of 2018, regarding the use of the official maps of the Arab Republic of Egypt issued by the General Authority for Surveying, and emphasizing on showing the international border line of the southern borders of the legal republic, the prescribed densities, teaching national subjects, and taking measures Legal action against those found to be violating it.

The minister demanded not to make any media statements addressing the public opinion until after referring to the competent and concerned authorities in the ministry, and following up on the commitment of all educational facilities to implement sustainable security instructions; In order to ensure the preservation of the safety of our children and follow-up the commitment of private schools, and schools that apply curricula of a special nature (international) to tuition fees.

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