Egypt..a twenty-year-old insults a young man in the street, and she dies instantly

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, the city of Mansoura, Dakahlia Governorate, north of Cairo, was horrified by a horrific murder when a young man tried to kill a girl who was slaughtered in the street, and stabbed her 3 times in the neck and head, due to her refusal to oppose his friend to her.

This crime is considered the second crime committed by a young man against a girl on the street in the city of Mansoura and the fourth in Egypt in less than 3 months. committing the crime, according to (Sky News).

Tamer Al-Bashbeshi, owner of a car showroom, on Army Street in the studies area that witnessed the crime, said that while they were sitting in the café, they were surprised by the sound of a girl quarreling with two young men and blaming one of them for something, and when some passers-by tried to intervene, the girl prevented them.

While Adham Muhammad, one of those involved in arresting the accused after he committed the crime, said that the girl who works in a women’s beauty shop was quarreling with the accused and another person with him, and when passers-by entered, she told them that he was her husband, so people left them.

He continued, “The girl was heard saying to the accused in a loud voice: “If a man shamed me or hit me,” the accused replied, “I am a leg of your family,” and he stabbed her with a knife that he had.

He added that at this time, the people controlled the accused and his friend and beat them until the police came and handed them over. The girl was transferred to Mansoura General Hospital and she is still alive.

For its part, the Ministry of Interior issued an urgent statement about the incident, stating that the second Mansoura police station in the Dakahlia Security Directorate received a report that a person had assaulted a girl with a white weapon while she was walking in the department.

The security services moved to the location of the incident, and it was found that “during the aforementioned girl’s walk on the street, she met two people who live in the Mansoura Awal Police Department, and she is in a relationship with one of them, so the second opposed her.”

The Ministry of Interior added that the girl blamed the person she knew and blamed him for letting his friend oppose her, which infuriated him, so he assaulted her with a knife (knife) in his possession, which led to her injuring her in the head.

The security services were able to arrest the two accused in the incident and the weapon used in the crime, while the girl was taken to the hospital for treatment, and the Public Prosecution took over the investigation.

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