Egypt.. begins the investigation into accusing Abdullah Rushdi of indecent assault on an Iraqi show

Repercussions still The case of the Iraqi woman, Jihan Sadiq Jaafar, who accused the Egyptian preacher Abdullah Rushdi of itIts presentation continues, as the Egyptian authorities decided to start looking into and investigating the complaint submitted against the young preacher.

The authorities decided to refer the complaint submitted by a lawyer named Hani Sameh against Abdullah Rushdi, to the State Security Prosecution, where the lawyer accused the preacher of “using religion in a misplaced manner, creating empty arguments and indecently indecentrating the honor of Iraqi Jihan Jaafar.”

Advocacy work without a license

The author told that the investigation authorities will start the announcement procedures, claiming the dismissal and suspension of Abdullah Rushdi due to the oral marriage of the Iraqi woman, his suspension from his work at the Ministry of Awqaf, and the banning of his pages on the communication sites for use in advocacy without a license, and their exploitation in oral marriage. of girls.”

For her part, the Iraqi woman expressed her happiness with the start of the investigation with the preacher on charges of indecent assault, confirming to that she was notified of the start of the investigation into the incident weeks after submitting the report.

She said that she will not give up her right from the preacher, especially after the threats she received from Rushdie’s followers to drop the case, and subjecting her to psychological pressure and smear campaigns that prolonged her reputation and questioned her statements.

Iraqi passport

Divorced Kurdish from an Egyptian

The 30-year-old Iraqi had revealed, in previous statements to Al, the details of the incident, and said that she was Kurdish and divorced from an Egyptian man, and she met Abdullah Rushdi months ago through a religious consultation through the Messenger program on Facebook. Noting that a state of admiration overshadowed the relationship, Rushdie asked her to leave Bulgaria, where she resides, and come to Egypt, offering her an official marriage.

Documented conversations

She confirmed the existence of evidence about her words, as their conversations are fully documented and recorded, and there are conversations that reveal the nature of the relationship, noting that he convinced her with his words, so she left Bulgaria for Cairo, and arrived on August 7.

She explained that their meetings were taking place in two apartments: one in Obour City, and another in one of the new cities east of Cairo, adding that they sat together to agree on drafting an official marriage contract. What she hears, and she asked him not to touch her until the marriage is documented, but he did not wait and her offer was indecent.

Multiple threats and women’s relationships

She also revealed that Rushdie’s followers threatened and defamed her, and abused her to intimidate her and prevent her from continuing to legally pursue the preacher, as they claimed that she was trumped up to distort the image of the cleric.

Al-Iraqiya stated that she contacted Abdullah Rushdi’s wife, and told her what happened, only to discover from the wife that her impression of him was very negative, and that the preacher did so with many women.

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